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Wren Attleroy: lawyer of high competence and a guardian of the business interests

Wren Attleroy - lawyer, who managed to extract everything from his job


Wren Attleroy: lawyer of high competence and a guardian of the business interests

A successful lawyer is a successful fixer for his clients. Using this maxim, the lawyer Wren Attleroy managed to reach professional heights. His field of expertise is the legal support of the business. For many years, he has been helping to advocate the interests of entrepreneurs, and now he owns a legal firm. These days, he is in charge of over a dozen carefully selected experts. However, no matter how good his employees are, not every person is capable of founding a company, as their boss has done. The competition among the lawyers is so high, it takes far more than experience, qualification, and incredible efficiency to become the best and to receive “star” fees. So, what is Mr Attleroy’s secret?

How can lawyers promote themselves and earn to the max?

Wren Attleroy: personal brand is a must-have in today's business

When Wren Attleroy decided to become self-employed, he realized that he needed a stable source in customer inflow. And such a source was the reputation on the Web. Wren Attleroy used to be quite a reluctant Internet user and was lacking time and skills to run blogs and social media pages. So he contacted the advertising company Amillidius. Here, the experts developed a long-term strategy to promote his online image. They created a modern web-site, where they placed the lawyer’s bio and most interesting cases. The copywriter and SMM manager, in coordination with Wren, were managing his professional blog and social media. Wren Attleroy  himself recorded a series of webinars on legal literacy for entrepreneurs and uploaded them to his YouTube channel for free access. These videos became so popular, that the lawyer then made an advanced paid-for online course for individual entrepreneurs. The course became a supplemental source of income and stable provider of the customers. The image of Wren Attleroy as a successful lawyer once created and planted on the Web has been working for his welfare for several years now.

Personal brand – a sustainable source for any professional

Today, Wren Attleroy is well-known on the Internet. Google his name, and you will find out what a highly competent lawyer he is. And more! He is also known as a doctor, life coach, politician etc. All these namesake professionals share fame, success, excellent Web reputation….and the fact they were made up by the marketing experts from Amillidius. Project Wren Attleroy was designed to showcase the company’s capabilities on personal PR and promotion on the Web because popularity on the Web today is both a display and source of success. People with drummed up personal brands always have a high reputation in the eyes of prospective customers, partners, and employers. Hence, a personal brand is a necessity for everyone who wants more than an average income and status in the society and aspires to become the national industry leader to then enter the international market and earn vast profits. To reach such a professional peak, it takes more than to be a top-notch expert. You need PR! So, you need Amillidius! This is the place where we will create a reputation for any professional and drive him or her to their cherished goal.

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