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Amillidius: five steps a business takes towards success

Amillidius is a consistent approach to business promotion


Amillidius: five steps a business takes towards success

Having gone through a rather difficult path of creating their own business – organizing, producing, recruiting employees, purchasing equipment, establishing communication with raw material suppliers – many entrepreneurs believe they have already done the most important thing. Another misconception is that a great product you make or a useful service you provide should be in demand only because of its high quality. The advertising company Amillidius knows for sure that it is not the case.

Amillidius: a brand is one of your company’s main assets

To create demand for its product, a company needs to stand out among its competitors, demonstrate its uniqueness, and gain the trust of potential customers. And the main tool for achieving these goals is the brand. Amillidius pays special attention to brand creation and rebranding. Reviews from many customers confirm that this is the starting point in the company development. Yet, not all business people fully understand what the concept of “brand” means. Amillidius always informs the client that this is not just a name and a logo  it is a unique image, formed in the minds of consumers: a whole range of associations, emotions, and value characteristics that allow them to always distinguish your company from the rest and choose it over the others. Reviews about Amillidius confirm that the specialists of the advertising company demonstrate high-caliber professionalism in creating such an image.

Brand creation and rebranding is the main service of the advertising company Amillidius

Brand building is Amillidius basic service

Creating a brand image requires an integrated approach  this is what Amillidius offers to its customers. Customer reviews on the implementation of this approach confirm its efficiency.

Specialists of the advertising company are developing a brand positioning strategy, which becomes the first step towards solving this problem. The philosophy and mission of the brand as well as its legend form a common ideology that inspires Amillidius team for naming, designing the company’s logo, and coming up with the main slogan. In the design department, visual brand attributes are created from the logo, fonts, and color palette, to packaging design, advertising flyers, booklets, and banners. All elements of the corporate identity are combined into a general instruction for their use  a guideline by Amillidius marketers. Reviews show that if a company plans to open branches, including abroad, or sell a franchise, it is necessary to copyright all brand’s elements. The Amillidius lawyers are involved in solving this problem. Customer reviews suggest that the brand book, formed based on what is created in those three areas, becomes the main book for working with the brand  in fact, it becomes the Bible for the company for many years and a powerful tool for influencing the mindset of consumers.

Brand introduction and promotion by Amillidius

At the next stage, all brand values ​​and its main messages must be communicated to the consumer, and a system of brand interaction with them must be built. At Amillidius, they analyze the customer’s target audience, study their competitors, and then determine the most relevant and most instrumental offline and online communication channels for the customer. The website, created by Amillidius designers in tandem with programmers, helps the brand build communication with customers. What is more, Amillidius develops a content plan for maintaining accounts on social networks for the customer as well as a technical task for copywriters and journalists about writing the selling articles. Amillidius scriptwriters come up with options for scripts for commercials and branded films, scripts for advertising presentations, and other events. Meanwhile, a media plan is being prepared. We create layouts for outdoor and print advertising.

Brand book created by Amillidius specialists  a description of the brand and a set of rules for working with it

The Amillidius client receives a marketing plan, the implementation of which will boost brand awareness, gain customers’ trust, thus popularity will grow together with sales. However, the “theoretical” brand promotion is not all that Amillidius offers to its customers. Reviews from customers evidence how the company’s specialists themselves implement the designed strategy in practice if the client company does not have its marketing department, or its work turned out to be ineffective.

Product line by Amillidius  rule-guided creation and introduction into the market

A recognizable brand with an impeccable reputation makes up the lion’s share of the company’s success. Amillidius proves to the customers in practice. Reviews from those who collaborated with the advertising company indicate that Amillidius specialists pay great attention to the company’s product, and how the consumer perceives it. To create and maintain demand for the company’s goods or services, they need to be systematically promoted and periodically updated. And this must be done relying on a solid foundation  the Product Passport, developed at Amillidius. Customer reviews show that it is a much-needed baseline document. It contains the main characteristics of the product from composition, lifespan, target audience, and price to unique selling proposition, and sales scripts. The more detailed the product is described, the more accurately its strengths and weaknesses are identified, the more effective communication strategy will be created for it. The Amillidius team develops it for the customer from product and packaging design to the marketing plan for the implementation and promotion of the product. As a result, the client receives a step-by-step action plan for conquering the market with their product, which leads to increased sales. Amillidius marketers also take into account the fact that the life span of any product is limited  it becomes less relevant, becomes obsolete. With this in mind, Amillidius is developing a product line for the client and brings it to the market in stages. Amillidius specialists can implement the marketing strategy they created  customer reviews show that this is the best solution.

Amillidius is an expert in sales improvement

Amillidius - an integrated approach to business promotion

Boosting sales is an ultimate goal of any company that contacts Amillidius. Customer reviews are a vivid illustration of this. After all, only good sales bring profit to the business. And if there are problems in this direction in the company, if the sales department does not cope well with its functions, all efforts to promote the brand and product will be in vain. Optimizing the work of the customer’s sales department takes an important place in the Amillidius range of services. The main tool for this is the Sales Book, developed for the client by specialists from Amillidius. Reviews of sales practitioners call this document the algorithm followed by the entire department and its employees. It contains everything from the information about the business area, descriptions of the company’s products, competitors, and target audience, to corporate standards and the appearance of sellers. One of the most important parts of this Amillidius “salesperson’s encyclopedia” is sales scripts and customer objections. The theoretical knowledge that each employee of the sales department will receive from the Sales Book must be sharpened in practice. Here, too, Amillidius will come to the aid of the client company. Customer reviews give special praise to the training sessions, held by the advertising company specialists for the salespeople of the customer company.

Video by Amillidius  a trend that promotes a brand

Business development today  depends directly on following marketing trends.

To pay maximum attention to video marketing is something Amillidius strongly recommends to representatives of all industries. Customer reviews and global experience demonstrate how important video is today for brand and product promotion. High-quality and diverse video content by the production studio Amillidius is what significantly increases the chances of a company’s success in promoting the brand and product. Many companies have already appreciated the commercials and branded films by Amillidius shot on the most modern equipment. Reviews note the original scripts, the professionalism of the film crew, and the ability to attract Ukrainian celebrities and Hollywood stars. The next stage is the promotion of finished videos on YouTube and in social networks, PR campaigns of branded films, with the involvement of the media, organization of briefings and events. What brings the Amillidius approach to video marketing? Customer reviews indicate that it gives companies a huge advantage over competitors, helps to increase the loyalty of existing customers and engage new ones.

Amillidius production is a world-class video content to promote any business

A brand’s creation, an effective strategy for its promotion, a competent approach to the creation and promotion of a product line, optimization of the sales process, and maximum attention to the main marketing trend of the last decade  video. These are five steps to the successful company’s development, offered by the advertising company Amillidius. Reviews from entrepreneurs on cooperation with this company convinces the effectiveness of this algorithm. Contact Amillidius specialists to promote your business  the five most important steps will bring you to success as close as possible.

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