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Why festival brands must look beyond social to survive

TasteOfLondon2018 Andy Hughes


Why festival brands must look beyond social to survive


Heavily reliant on social media marketing and increasingly in search of data insights, festival brands are investing in creativity as they look to capture a greater share of consumer time and attention.

The UK Festival season is in full swing, with every weekend for the foreseeable future jam-packed with events celebrating all the best in music, food, culture and art.

But surviving as a festival brand is far from simple. Despite only taking place over a few days each year, festivals need to build up enough brand equity and love to stay front-of-mind with consumers all-year round, so building an ongoing narrative and delivering on promises is vital.

You only have to look at the fraudulent Fyre Festival debacle for evidence of that. And while Fyre Festival is an extreme example of under-delivering, festivals face a variety of pressures from rising costs to the sheer level of competition for space and attention. If they want to survive, evolution is crucial.

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