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Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of the Ukrainian business glossy magazine “Financoff”

Financoff Magazine– one of the projects of the businesswoman Elvira Gavrilova


Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of the Ukrainian business glossy magazine “Financoff”

Success comes to those who have a clear vision of their goals and are ready to overcome any obstacles on their path towards it. Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of the popular Ukrainian glossy business magazine ‘Financoff’, belongs to this category of people. It was her leadership which turned the “Money Plus” newspaper into the magazine which went through a rebranding to become one of the country’s most popular glossy business publications. Whilst Money Plus content was focused on finance only, Financoff covers the various areas in the life of a successful person – from business news to the trends in the travel industry and healthy lifestyles.

“Every time I’m holding the latest issue of the magazine in my hands, I feel excited”, Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of Financoff.

How did you become the Chief Editor of the business magazine?

E.G.: It was an important and well-considered decision. By that time in 2016, I was into fashion design. However, the career of a journalist had always been appealing to me ever since my university years, when I was earning my degree at the Department of International Relations. When I got a chance to head the business magazine, I very quickly agreed. After graduating from Kyiv Mohyla Academy, I was pursuing my career in a financial company and was promoted to the head of the office in Kyiv. This experience was extremely helpful to my future activities.

Elvira Gavrilova’s journey from fashion designer to the Chief Editor of the business magazine

Why did you launch the rebranding process and what was its impact on your media?

E.G.: It was the decision to enter the international market that brought us the idea to change the format. Now our glossy business magazine is called Financoff. To be honest, the rebranding has brought us new readership, including political figures, business people, athletes, showbiz stars and other celebrities. Many land on the cover of Financoff and the interviews with them are often the highlights of the issue. Today, the magazine is issued in two languages: English and Ukrainian. This is the first step in our long-term strategy. We have future plans to issue the magazine overseas.

Various projects help Elvira Gavrilova to reach her goals

How do you prioritize between the print magazine and its online version?  

E.G.: Both are important. Besides, they are not identical. Of course, we keep up with the trends and for any business today it is vital to be online. You cannot get everything from a print version of the magazine alone. This is why Financoff has the Internet platform which not only presents the online version of the magazine, but also has the content that is not included in the print magazine and the news line. The website offers educational articles, analytical materials, the newscast on trends, gadgets, as well as video media and more. Financoff also has accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Elvira Gavrilova– the Chief Editor, who successfully develops the glossy business magazine ‘Financoff’.

Elvira Gavrilova – the Chief Editor of the Financoff magazine, successful businesswoman, talented producer, and fashion designer

The magazine has its subsidiary project – TOP-100 ratings which seeks out the most talented and successful men, women, children and companies in Ukraine. What has inspired the Chief Editor of the magazine to come up with this initiative?

You are right– TOP-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” is the Financoff-sponsored project. These are colorful catalogs, bringing together the best of the best. It is, if I may, ‘the’ catalog of Ukraine’s most successful people and companies. I came up with the idea to accumulate the success stories in one periodical after many interviews with the business people, politicians, athletes, and artists we were talking to for our magazine. Their achievements are not their victories alone. They shape the image of our country around the world. For Ukrainians themselves, this catalog is a great opportunity to learn more about such people and get inspired by their stories. The selection of applicants is carried out by the Board of Editors of Financoff, enhanced by experts from different areas. Every new catalog is accompanied by a high-profile awards ceremony. I have no doubt whatsoever that the project “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” is going to last a long time. And I know it for sure that Financoff magazine is a launching site for many promising initiatives.
Successful businesswoman Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of the glossy business magazine, producer, fashion designer of women’s clothing, mentor of charitable projects and a patriot of her country. She makes every effort for Ukraine to be perceived in the world as a country which is home for self-reliant, strong, smart and creative people. And it certainly works well!

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