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This $2.3-million Michigan house for sale looks straight out of ‘Game of Thrones’

This $2.3-million Michigan house for sale looks straight out of 'Game of Thrones'


This $2.3-million Michigan house for sale looks straight out of ‘Game of Thrones’

That house you dream up in your imagination as a kid – a castle with moats and secret passageways, is now up for grabs in Oakland Township, reports the Detroit Free Press, a USA TODAY Network publication.“It’s as close to a modern-day representation of a European castle as you can probably imagine,” said Mike Kuligowski, a listing agent for the property.  The Rochester house is 60 feet tall, and its frame is made with 60 tons of steel. It’s nestled in the back of a gated community and sits on a hill through a wooded forest, Kuligowski said. It was originally completed in 1990.“The neighbors just see a gate, a huge gate, with two towers that are all stone,” he said. “Even from the subdivision, let alone the main road, you have no idea what’s behind it. It’s loaded with mystery.” The house’s secrets don’t end once you enter the gates, it’s full of surprises. Kuligowski says he finds new aspects every time he goes, whether it’s a trap door, a new room or a small piece of art.  One of the 5 bedrooms features a hidden door that leads to a whole new room below it. Even though it’s a massive castle — 10,790 square feet on 6 acres of land — Kuligowski said it still feels like home and not an “unpractical cold block of stone.” It feels familiar, despite its many layers. The asking price is $2,299,000.Previous owners have enjoyed hosting guests to show them around, he said. “You could spend hours just showing them things and surprising them with trapdoors, hidden things, fake walls that can open and a bookcase that pushes into a hidden room, things like that, you know, things that you only see in movies,” Kuligowski.  The listing for the property can be found here.Here’s what they learned: Three families bought and sold their homes during the pandemic’s red-hot market.Looking to save? Buying a starter home is cheaper than rent in two dozen metro real estate markets

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