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Konstantin Skoptsov: Drawings, Manuscripts and Digital Art

Konstantin Skoptsov: an artist who knows how to surprise


Konstantin Skoptsov: Drawings, Manuscripts and Digital Art

Konstantin Skoptsov, a creator of paintings-books, paintings-mysteries, is capturing the hearts of philosophical art lovers from around the world. His signature art style of Semantic Realism is unmistakably recognizable. Konstantin is a representative of Paris School of Ukrainian Art and has been awarded a few academic fellowships, his artworks are a part of permanent expositions in various museums throughout the world. In spite of the fact that he is exhibiting in the USA and Europe, Skoptsov chooses to live and create in his home city of Odessa, Ukraine.

Applying Martial Art principles to Visual Art

Konstantin Skoptsov started drawing from an early childhood and had never pursued a formal degree in Arts. He became inspired by Literature and Martial Art in choosing his career. Skoptsov’s first drawings were illustrations to the books by Alexander Grin, Edgar Allan Poe and Anatole France. Later on he had started to study literature dedicated to eastern philosophies and took on the challenge of becoming a competitive karate team member.

With advancement of his drawing style Skoptsov adds color and elements of painting to his stylistic devices. Philosophical theme and symbolism are now predominant motif of his artworks. These concepts became a starting point for developing his style of Semantic Realism.

Konstantin was never limited in the type of media he chooses for his expressive means: he uses a mixture of traditional drawing instruments and paper as well as innovative techniques that are the author’s own know-how.

“In the world of Martial Arts you are using all of your potential — the technique, inner energy, concentration, persistence. It is this principle of using your maximum capacity that I apply when creating art “, — says the artist.

Skoptsov experimented with the different media throughout his career and had chosen man-made leather to be most fitting for his style.His goal is to reflect the reference to the medieval manuscripts- incomprehensible and even frightening at times to the unenlightened viewer, and conveying priceless secrets to the chosen ones. Skoptsov admits to working with natural leather in the past, however he no longer uses it as it contradicts with his ethical beliefs. “The thought that a living being had to die for this art was constantly on my mind”, — he admits. “Eco-leather on the other hand fulfilled the idea of the manuscript styling without the moral contradiction”a

Konstantin Skoptsov applies Martial Arts and sports principles to his artworks.

Konstantin Skoptsov: From Traditions to Trends

From early 2018 Skoptsov works tirelessly to complete a new series of works — 34 pieces sized 30’’x40’’. He uses eco-leather, ink and priming that he had developed specifically for these artworks. “There are so few artists who work with leather media altogether, and none of them with this kind of leather priming”, —  states the artist pridefully. The theme of these artworks is also unique — illustrations to the ancient and rare philosophical canons and rituals. Skoptsov also intends to publish annotations accompanying this series. (Unfortunately the originals will not be available for viewing as all artworks were purchased as one collection by the collector Anatoly Dymchuk.)

Drawings by Skoptsov are in high demand among the art collectors

In 2019 Konstantin plans to introduce the digital art format. A number of art pieces already in existence are being prepared for print for Skoptsov’s new exhibition and will be available for purchase. Even though the upcoming artworks will not be combined into one unified series they all will be united by the common theme — semantics of the German Medieval philosophy. Digital art will address symbolism in the books by German theologians like Jakob Böhme, Emanuel Swedenborg and Meister Eckhart in the new contemporary interpretation. Biblical subjects permeate this series: the legend of “Hiram, the widow’s son,” and Noa, the book of Enoch… The artist is convinced that digital visual interpretation will offer a new unexpected approach to the ancient texts. Skoptsov is planning to exhibit these creations in Paris and New York and, possibly in his home country as well. Collectors can preview these and other pieces, as well as invest into an artwork by visiting artist’s website.

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