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Billie Eilish Reflects on Creativity, Femininity, and Empathy in Latest Song “What Was I Made For?”

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Billie Eilish Reflects on Creativity, Femininity, and Empathy in Latest Song “What Was I Made For?”

In a recent revelation, global pop sensation Billie Eilish shared the behind-the-scenes inspiration for her latest song, “What Was I Made For?” The artist, known for her unique style and thought-provoking lyrics, disclosed that the songwriting process began with an unexpected prompt – a request to compose a song for Barbie.

Eilish reminisced about her early days of music exploration, influenced by exercises her mother, Maggie, assigned her and her brother Finneas. These exercises involved watching movies, noting details, and crafting songs inspired by the scenes. The siblings, who have been writing music this way for years, found the opportunity to write for films to be second nature.

The singer-songwriter delved into her love for movie scores, citing influences from childhood films like “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” and “Over the Hedge”. Eilish emphasized the impact of film scores, especially noting the transformative nature of Thomas Newman’s compositions in “American Beauty”.

Expressing her dream of contributing to a Bond soundtrack, Eilish highlighted the thrill of having her songs featured in movies, an experience she finds consistently amazing. “What Was I Made For?” is a testament to her evolving approach to songwriting, where she initially considered the perspective of a character but later realized it reflected her own experiences.

The artist shared her excitement about the song’s reception, emphasizing the joy of bringing people together across genders and generations. Eilish was particularly moved by the fan-created videos, showcasing various aspects of girlhood and mother-daughter relationships.
Addressing the challenges of being a young female in the industry, Eilish acknowledged the scrutiny her body and abilities face, noting the relatability of “What Was I Made For?” to women worldwide. The song has become a platform for dialogue about shared experiences and the traumas of womanhood.

As a multi-talented artist, Eilish directed the music video for “What Was I Made For?” and expressed her passion for the visual aspect of music. She revealed aspirations to direct larger projects in the future and expressed admiration for creators like Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
In essence, “What Was I Made For?” represents a collaborative and empowering creative process for Eilish and Finneas, contributing to a larger cultural conversation about identity, womanhood, and the universal journey of self-discovery.

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