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Eriztina’s Life: the movie about the problems of a person and society by the advertising company Amillidius

Eriztina's life by Amillidius production - a new social short film


Eriztina’s Life: the movie about the problems of a person and society by the advertising company Amillidius

In the activities of the international advertising company «Amillidius», a commercial component goes hand in hand with their social responsibility. The company produces commercials and music videos for their customers around the world but it always pays attention to challenges, faced by the society. The production of Amillidus has created social videos about domestic violence, hard choices, and a sound motivation. In late 2020, they came up with an idea of a more large-scale project – they decided to shoot a film on the acute social topic. «Eriztina’s Life» is a short film, the logline of which gives the following description of the plot: «The life of a student – parties, night clubs, sex, and drugs. But sooner or later, for everything, she must pay».

«Amillidius» gets down to a new social project

Amillidius is working on Eriztina's life - stepping out of the world of advertising to the world of cinematography

For the production studio of AC «Amillidius», this film is a new chance to fully reach their creative potential. In a way, it is a challenge to the skills and capabilities of the entire team. It all started with an idea to make a movie where only the characters’ hands and arms are present in the shot: through their movements and condition, the film will show emotions, feelings, inner turmoil, and actions. Elvira Gavrilova turned this idea into a script and became the producer of the film «Eriztina’s Life» – for Amillidius CEO in Europe, it is not the first creative project but her first movie experience.

Elvira’s business partner, the head of the advertising company «Amillidius» Bogdan Terzi, acts as a film director. Having mastered his skills in the commercial videos, he got down to a more serious project with confidence, as he was aware he could rely on the team of true professionals. Among them, the director of photography Vasif Ibrahimov, and the leading lady Milena Kompaniets – the Ukrainian theatre and film actress. The group of film consultants included psychologists, substance abuse professionals, and police officers. Their experience helps to tell the story most authentically. The filming of «Eriztina’s Life» takes place in Odessa at the expense of «Amillidius». The film premiere is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

«Eriztina’s Life» – Amillidius production prepares the spring premiere

Advertising company Amillidius schedules the premiere of their new film in Spring 2020

Speaking about the project, its producer Elvira Gavrilova emphasizes that Amillidius production decided to dedicate its every tenth video to a social topic, contributing to the solution of global challenges of our society. Drugs are one of such social problems and it is particularly pressing among the youth. It is the reason why Amillidius decided to bring this problem to the spotlight in their first film. «Eriztina’s Life» speaks about a usual college girl, who is wasting her life in the night clubs – in her system of values, pleasure ranks first, while drugs and casual sex become a part of her routine. After several years, however, her priorities change: career and family happiness become the most important things. Pregnancy from her beloved man and would-be maternity become the sense of her life. But this was not meant to be – the sins of the past ruin the dreams about the future. As a result of her previous history of drug abuse, she suffers a miscarriage. The relationships with her husband are derailed and their divorce disheartens Aliz completely. She «treats» her lasting depression with drugs again…

The audience will find out the end of this story as soon as in the spring. Meanwhile, the would-be viewers can observe Amillidius’ team working on the film on the project’s official web-site Eriztina’s Life: it shows Amillidius’ creative team and film actors, as well as the photos and videos from the production set. After the premiere, the web-site will feature the film itself. Everyone involved in its creation is full of sincere hopes that they will fulfil their vision with ultimate creativity and accuracy. They hope the audience will understand and sense everything the «Aliz’ Life” creators meant to communicate by their work.

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