Elvira Gavrilova, a producer, director, co-owner, and CEO in Europe of the international marketing company Amillidius, surprised everyone with her new work. This time, the luxurious Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel was under the focus of Amillidius Production cameras.

It’s not a secret that many iconic filmmakers, such as Ridley Scott, David Lynch, or David Fincher, have inscribed their name not only in the history of world cinema but have left their mark in the advertising industry. Many top brands strive to attract only the best of the best to shoot their commercials. The successful director Elvira Gavrilova, who has created more than one commercial for world brands, shooting music videos and other works with the top segment, was invited to shoot a commercial for the luxury Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery.

Every famous director has his muse. So, for Pedro Almodovar, it is Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman for Quentin Tarantino, and Leonardo DiCaprio for Martin Scorsese. Apparently, Elvira Gavrilova’s ward model Anastasiia Bondarchuk is her muse. As the director said in one of her interviews, “It’s a great pleasure to work with Nastya. She feels the role  at once and gives the right emotion.”

The commercial for Hotel de Paris, shot by Elvira Gavrilova starring Anastasiia Bondarchuk, is truly luxurious. The storyline of the video looks like a fairy tale. The hotel guest (Nastya Bondarchuk), during her entire stay at the Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery, meets the same young man (Garik Gasparyan) in different roles at the entrance, at the reception, at the bar, in the restaurant. The female lead cannot understand who this mysterious stranger is and whether he is real at all. Or maybe he’s just a figment of her imagination? In parallel with the development of the storyline about two young people, the viewer’s attention is transferred to the luxurious interior details of the Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery.

Elvira Gavrilova, as always, demonstrated an impeccable sense of style and high professionalism when shooting the commercial for the Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel.