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Why marketers should think less gendered and more neutral

Why marketers should think less gendered and more neutral


Why marketers should think less gendered and more neutral


As assumptions around gender are being challenged like never before, brands have an important role to play in shaping a more inclusive world. But they must look beyond a commercial lens if they want to be a force for good.

Imagine a world without gender. Where colours, smells, tastes, clothes, cosmetics, cars and toys are completely gender neutral. Blue isn’t for boys and pink isn’t for girls. Dresses and floral perfumes are made for people, not just women. Sports cars and beard grooming products are marketed to everyone, not only men. Shoes are shoes and lipstick is lipstick. Children can wear and play with whatever they want because there are no socially constructed rules determined by an X or a Y.

The way we think about gender is changing. Where once it was something shackled to us at birth, traditional assumptions around gender are being challenged, especially among younger generations, and identification is increasingly becoming less binary and more fluid.

This in turn is impacting the way brands communicate with people, and there are a growing number of product innovations and marketing campaigns which are helping to pave the way for a more inclusive future.

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