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Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso with the Best Paint Dabbers

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso with the Best Paint Dabbers


Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso with the Best Paint Dabbers

Paint dabbers are a great idea for a mess-free artistic afternoon for your child. Resembling giant markers with flat, round nibs, they allow children to easily add polka dots to their artwork, and they can also be used to draw lines and shade coloring pages much like traditional markers. While originally designed for toddlers, paint dabbers have found a growing audience among adult hobbyists and provide a great activity for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Ahead, find the sets that we like best for any age.
1. U.S. Art Supply Crazy Dots

These paint dabbers are great for children due to their bright-colored casings as well as their slight concave curve that makes them easy for small hands to grip. Round, screw-on caps ensure that they will not accidentally open up and make a mess or dry out prematurely. The paint is water based, acid free, and nontoxic, which makes them ultra-safe for children. Each marker holds 2 ounces of ink.

U.S. Art Supply Crazy Dots


2. Magicfly Dot Markers

This 8-pack of 2-ounce markers has all the colors your kids will need to prepare them for working with serious art materials. What’s more, each dauber has a brightly colored twist-off cap that clearly shows what color of ink it contains, as well as a textured grip just below the tip that ensures a good grasp as your children craft their masterpieces.

Magicfly Dot Markers


3. Shuttle Art Dot Markers

Like Magicfly’s dabbers, Shuttle Art’s 2-ounce markers have textured grips near their tips that prevent them from slipping out of little hands. Colors are clearly marked on the label and the cap, making it easy for even toddlers to make their choices. The set includes 10 coloring pages to get little artists started; there are even circle outlines that allow children to work on their fine motor skills.

Shuttle Art Dot Markers


4. Cameron Frank Dot Markers

The vibrant ink in this set of eight markers dries quickly on the page, but sponge tips prevent the ink from drying out in the marker, even if a cap is left off. The versatile dabbers blend well and have pressure-sensitive tips that can be used to make larger or smaller dots. The paint comes out smoothly but can bleed through paper if a dabber is pressed down for too long; be sure to cover your child’s workspace with a protective layer.

Cameron Frank Dot Markers


5. Ready 2 Learn Doodle Dabbers

Paint dabbers are intended to be easy for young children to use, but sometimes the very young need extra help holding onto their drawing implements. These bulbous markers remove frustration from artistic pursuits for kids transitioning out of toddlerhood. Each marker in this set of six contains 1.9 fluid ounces of nontoxic and washable ink that makes bright and vibrant dots.

Ready 2 Learn Doodle Dabbers


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