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The paradox of choice and building trust

The paradox of choice and building trust


The paradox of choice and building trust


How retailers can address the paradox of choice

By Nicholas Blair

Consumers love choice, but how can brands and retailers strike the right balance by offering the extensive selection we demand without going over the top and causing confusion?

Dunnhumby’s Nicholas Blair discusses how retailers can ensure consumers avoid information overload by making it simple for the customer to find any necessary information when making a purchase.

He argues the concept behind the paradox of choice still remains relevant and “carries a lot of weight with brands, retailers and even customers themselves”.

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The Trust Manifesto

By Damian Bradfield

If you could reinvent the internet now, what would it look like? That’s a question pondered by Damian Bradfield, co-founder and president of WeTransfer, in The Trust Manifesto.

Bradfield delves into how data could be effecting our day-to-day lives, from the influence of tech giants Facebook and Google to why we reach for our phones more than 200 times a day without knowing which companies might be looking at our data.

The Trust Manifesto is designed to alert readers to the potential impact big advertisers might have on our privacy by drawing on industry insights and interviews with the likes of Stephen Fry.

What a ‘price vocabulary’ is, and why companies need one

By Utpal M Dholakia

If you’ve never heard the term ‘price vocabulary’, you’re probably not alone. According to author Utpal M Dholakia, the price vocabulary is a unique and consistent set of prices. In this post, Dholakia offers a number of examples and explains why retailers might use them and why every retailer’s price vocabulary is different.

Dholakia, the author of How to Price Effectively, also outlines how a price vocabulary can reward loyal customers and increase engagement.

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By Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard

Despite many suggesting robots are about to take over, Human/Machine outlines how people can integrate automation and AI to prevent that from happening. Authors Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard provide a guide to the challenges while also demonstrating how those who harness the power of machines will be the ones that survive in the long term.

Newman and Blanchard aim to help readers learn how to work with machines, how AI will herald a new era for operational efficiency, in addition to offering a glimpse into the future.


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