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The Incident at Wall Street Hotel: Short film by Amillidius starring a Hollywood star

The Incident at Wall Street Hotel by the advertising company Amillidius


The Incident at Wall Street Hotel: Short film by Amillidius starring a Hollywood star

Amillidius production-studio does not slow down and strives to conquer new heights of cinema. The most recent project of the advertising company Amillidius is a film called “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel“. This time, Elvira Gavrilova, a film’s producer, realized an ambitious goal — Eric Roberts, a first-magnitude Hollywood actor, played one of the central roles in the short film.

Eric Roberts starred in the film by Amyllidius

Elvira Gavrilova has always believed Eric Roberts is an exceptionally talented and charismatic actor, so she dreamed of inviting him for the role in her project. And the dreams of motivated personalities always come true. Now Elvira Gavrilova and Eric Roberts bond over shooting the short film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel” by Amillidius.

The famous film actor happily agreed to star in a Ukrainian film produced by the production studio Amillidius, despite the COVID-19-associated obstacles and busy work schedule. The budget for this short commercial film is $100,000.

Elvira Gavrilova presented the film "The Incident at Wall Street Hotel"

Elvira Gavrilova, a producer and screenwriter, presents “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel”

Shooting started in Odessa on April 20 this year. Unusually cold and rainy weather did not slow down the work for a single day, the whole project team worked harmoniously and with full dedication. Elvira Gavrilova acted not only as a film’s producer but also as a screenwriter. According to Elvira’s idea, the short film consists of three plot lines, united by the same location — the hotel where the events unfold.

The legendary actor integrated into the project by Amillidius very organically and demonstrated not only his bright talent but also his openness and friendliness towards his Ukrainian colleagues. According to Vasif Ibrahimov, the director of photography at the Amillidius production studio, all members of the film crew enjoyed the collaboration with such a high-calibre expert as Eric Roberts hugely. Despite his stellar status, he was friendly and easy-going with everyone and during breaks, would lighten the working mood with a funny joke.

Amillidius production studio made a film with a Hollywood star

One of the leading roles in the film was given to Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a Ukrainian fashion model. In the film by Amillidius, she played the daughter of Eric Roberts’ character. At the meeting with media representatives, Anastasiia said that shooting such a large-scale project thrilled her, while working in tandem with this amazing actor encouraged and inspired her. For an aspiring actress, a chance to share the set with a celebrity of this magnitude is not only prestigious but also promising. Taking part in the film will promote her personal brand. For the Wall Street Hotel, this project also did not go unnoticed – the cinematic aura attracted new clients to it.

Eric Roberts in the Ukrainian film by Amyllidius

“The Incident at Wall Street Hotel” — Three Stories of People in Critical Situations

The other two plot lines of the short film featured both famous Ukrainian actors and the cinema newbies. One of the supporting roles was played by the producer Elvira Gavrilova. She played a cunning and dangerous poisoner. And Bohdan Sheludiak, a top blogger and actor, known for his role in the thundering TV series “School”, played with Maryna Kiseleva, the host of the program on Fashion TV.

The soundtrack to the short film by Amyllidius, titled My covert lover, was recorded by Marie Smirnova, a neo-generation performer with an incredibly beautiful voice.

By now,, the Amillidius team has already completed the work on the film. However, Ukrainian and European viewers have to be patient before they can see it. The reason is that the creators of the film have applied for several international film festivals. So, Elvira Gavrilova will not present the movie to the wide audience until the final decision of the selection committees. All we can do thus far is to wish success to the Ukrainian project on the international arena and look forward to the official release of the film by the advertising company Amillidius.

"The Incident at Wall Street Hotel" - commercial film by Amillidius

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