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Keynes’s Gallery in an Effort To Make People Think


Keynes’s Gallery in an Effort To Make People Think

In one of the cities in Buckinghamshire, England, the MK Gallery is undergoing one of the greatest expansions in its history. With a brand-new building in the offing, it is now said to be the place which would make people outside think again. How are the gallery’s new design and exhibition enlargement is going to impact local interest in art and its modern manifestations? To find out more about it, stay tuned!

To cut the long story short, the gallery has received a newly modernized building for its activities, built with the original spirit of Milton Keynes. Through its geometrical facade, bold interior color scheme and long sightlines, updated museum venue pay tribute to one of the last of post-war Britain’s ambitious New Towns.

MK Gallery Updated Exhibition Venue: Interesting Facts

This city has always had certain ambitions in the direction of art and its manifestations. Back in 1999, it has first announced its plans to open  £30m theatre and exhibitions venue. Only later the gallery option came into question. In the very first draft, space was planned as a single room within the theatre. However, with a run of a few years, the gallery opened with three spaces of its own.

To achieve this, a new stainless-steel building designed by 6 architects with five double-height galleries was created. Below are a few more interesting facts that make the matters clearer:

  • tribute to the city itself: somehow, Milton Keynes is both perfectly loved by the locals and joked at everywhere else in England. With this huge and modern renovation, authorities aspire to turn people eyes to the city in a different and more thought-provoking way;
  • all wishes accounted for: to make sure that venue does serve its visitors, it has finally accounted for the common requests from locals being a café and more social spaces. Now, one may enjoy not only the two mentioned facilities but also an education studio and an auditorium for film, music and comedy events;
  • long-term effort to welcome more citizens: being one of the fast-growing cities in England, it is going to attract even more people considering culture the second most important thing people in choosing where to move.

To wrap things up, a renovated MK Gallery is going to attract more and more visitors as well as new city dwellers owing to its new modern building and aspirational growth plans.

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