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How understanding customer journeys helps brands drive more sales

How understanding customer journeys helps brands drive more sales


How understanding customer journeys helps brands drive more sales


We all know the customer journey is fundamental to encouraging consumers to become customers, and then persuading them to become loyal repeat purchasers.

But it’s no longer enough just to have a smooth buying experience at the point of sale. The proliferation of digital platforms, devices and sources of information means that consumers can reach brands from almost any direction – and they could be at any stage of their decision-making process.

Rather than leaving it to chance, forward-thinking brands today are setting out to map all the possible paths to purchase and understand which consumers are most likely to arrive by which route. Then they are designing their content and messages to help each potential customer towards conversion.

WATCH LIVE: Click here to register for the video webinar

In this Marketing Week video webinar sponsored by Salesforce, we will broach the topic of customer journey mapping with two of the travel industry’s biggest brands. Join Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons, TUI brand and content director Toby Horry, and Virgin Holidays customer communications manager Chris Insall, as they explain:

  • The process of mapping the customer journey
  • What the challenges are
  • How to align your objectives internally
  • How to do personalisation well
  • How to have more meaningful conversations with customers

Click here to register and join us at 3pm BST on 3 July for the live video webinar.


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