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How Mars’ shift from CMO to chief growth officer has reframed marketing



How Mars’ shift from CMO to chief growth officer has reframed marketing


As the role is far broader than a traditional CMO position, Berta de Pablos says it has forced the business to “think differently”, both from a marketing and recruitment perspective.

The trend for brands installing a chief growth officer rather than a CMO to lead marketing is gaining pace, with Kimberly-Clark the latest company to make the switch when it brought former Johnson & Johnson marketer Alison Lewis on board.

At the beginning of the year, Mars Wrigley made a similar move. But rather than being a direct replacement for the CMO position as is often the case, the chief growth officer role at Mars is positioned slightly differently.

“The traditional CMO roles I have done were much more focused on brand communication – the brand’s point of view on the world and how the brand shows itself – versus now using the brand as a tool for growth,” says Berta de Pablos, who took on the role in January.

“[It’s about] orchestrating and driving different things from the first interaction on digital, to an interaction in-store, to driving a search campaign. It’s much broader in scope because it’s about reaching more consumer touchpoints.”

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