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GoCompare overhauls brand as sector moves on from ‘shouting loudest’

GoCompare overhauls brand as sector moves on from 'shouting loudest'


GoCompare overhauls brand as sector moves on from ‘shouting loudest’


GoCompare has overhauled its brand strategy as it looks to differentiate in a competitive market, but mascot Gio Compario is staying, albeit in a different role.

GoCompare is overhauling its brand, introducing a new look and feel, new marketing campaign and new positioning as it looks to make its point of difference clear in an increasingly competitive market.

The shift is being led by CMO Zoe Harris, who joined GoCompare almost a year ago from Reach (previously Trinity Mirror). The brand direction aims to better tell GoCompare’s story as a founder-led brand that she says puts the focus on offering customers the best deal, rather than the cheapest one.

Speaking exclusively to Marketing Week, she explains: “Within the building there is a real passion and price in the business, and in helping people find the right insurance, not just the cheapest. The question was how we told that story… How we got to the product truth and the brand truth.”

The comparison market has previously relied in its marketing on “shouting loudest”, a strategy that Harris credits for getting the brand to where it is today. According to YouGov BrandIndex, it has an awareness level of 87.9% among UK adults, behind only MoneySuperMarket on 88.2%. But Harris now wants to add some saliency, telling the story of what the brand means and what it stands for.

“We were all playing the same games to [keep our brands] top of mind. What we are looking to do now is maintain our brand character and top of mind performance at a good level while adding some depth and expertise to what we want to be known for,” says Harris.

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