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Fostylen: rebranding of the Financoff business gloss is complete, says Elvira Gavrilova

Financoff Business Gloss changed its name to Fostylen


Fostylen: rebranding of the Financoff business gloss is complete, says Elvira Gavrilova


Financoff magazine, the flagship of Ukrainian business journalism that has managed to win an international audience, changes its name to Fostylen. The chief editor of the publication and its co-owner Elvira Gavrilova announced that. She said that the monthly magazine has long “outgrown” the old Financoff brand and the concept of business gloss, so she decided to rebrand and further develop in the direction of “lifestyle magazine”; a lifestyle magazine in the luxury category.

“We are changing to become better”, says Elvira Gavrilova about the Financoff’s renaming

Fostylen is a magazine about a full and beautiful life

As we learned from the Instagram of the former Financoff’s chief editor, the decision to rebrand had been made a long time ago, and at the moment all the necessary work has been done. Financoff business gloss has officially become the Fostylen lifestyle magazine; and soon readers will see the updated edition on sale. When the reporter asked what to expect from the first issue, Elvira Gavrilova promised a still high level of articles about business, finance, politics, and a luxurious lifestyle – that is, for which business gloss is loved in Ukraine and throughout Europe. “But now we are not going to limit ourselves to topics and will write more about fashion, family, culture, and travel,”  the chief editor said. She recalled that two years ago it was the global change of course from financial to business that helped the respected Ukrainian magazine enter the international arena. And under the new name, Fostylen will continue its global expansion.

As before, each issue will have its own hero – an interesting celebrity, a rare professional, an entrepreneur with a unique experience. The hero will reveal even wider in an exclusive interview which has received more pages. Many new headings are also expected: luxury real estate, yachts, cars, and other facets of luxury and beauty. Fostylen will be published with the same frequency once a month in Ukrainian and English.

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