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For Leatherwork and Beading Projects, Use the Best Leather Cord

For Leatherwork and Beading Projects, Use the Best Leather Cord


For Leatherwork and Beading Projects, Use the Best Leather Cord

Leather cord  is a strong crafting material that’s easy to work with and never seems to go out of style. Leather only gets better with age, becoming more supple and stretchy the more you wear it. Whether you are looking for something to lace through your latest leatherworking project or simply love the look of suede for your beaded necklace, there are tons of variations and colors to choose from. There are even nice ones made of faux leather, for those who don’t want to use animal by-products (or want a little less damage on their credit card). Browse our roundup of the best leather string products below.

1. LolliBeads Flat Leather Strip Cord
This dark-brown leather string measures 3 millimeters wide and comes in a 5-yard roll. Made of genuine, unspliced leather with a square cross-section, it’s a fairly pricey product that’s ideal for use with other leather materials. In addition to this particular style, the brand offers a multitude of other sizes, styles, lengths, and tones.

LolliBeads Flat Leather Strip Cord


2. Realeather Suede Lace
This string is made of genuine, high-quality suede that’s richly colored and soft as butter. It’s attractive, but because it’s suede, it’s best used for projects not requiring durability, and it’s not ideal for footwear and other items that can be exposed to the elements or harsh conditions. It is available in two widths (2.4 and 3 millimeters) as well as 11 colors.

Realeather Suede Lace


3. PandaHall Faux Suede Cords
This multipack of suede-like microfiber cords contains kaleidoscopic colors that allow students’ imagination to run free in the craft room or classroom. Each roll contains 5.5 yards of 3-millimeter cord, for a total of 165 yards. Because it is imitation suede, it’s both more affordable and less sensitive than natural leather.

PandaHall Faux Suede Cords


4. Mandala Crafts Genuine Leather String
Round leather string like this option from Mandala Crafts is great for beading, since beads slide over the smooth surface much more easily than they would along a suede-finish or flat cord. It also lies flat as you braid, stitch, or wrap. Available in various mostly neutral colors and widths from 1 to 6 millimeters, this genuine cowhide string has been spliced to achieve its extended length.

Mandala Crafts Genuine Leather String


5. Peachy Keen Crafts Faux Leather Cord
This man-made leather string comes in a pack of four colors, with 10 yards of each included. The hues are classic to leathers, in white, tan, brown, and black. These threads are crafted of faux suede microfiber, which is durable and soft. It’s also a vegan option for those looking to shop more sustainably and makes for a more affordable product.

Peachy Keen Crafts Faux Leather Cord


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