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Fire, water, and… horses. Anastasiia Bondarchuk became the face of a new advertising campaign for the Ukrainian-Portuguese NANOJY brand



Fire, water, and… horses. Anastasiia Bondarchuk became the face of a new advertising campaign for the Ukrainian-Portuguese NANOJY brand


Four incredible locations, more than forty unique looks, over a month of filming! This is how the work of the top Ukrainian model Anastasiia Bondarchuk for the NANOJY brand campaign, a collaboration between Elvira Gavrilova and Julia Lyatavskaya, was held.

Model Anastasia Bondarchuk is young, successful, famous. Nastya is 14, but despite such a young age, she has been in the modeling business for about 9 years. The biography of the model Anastasiia Bondarchuk has dozens of collaboration projects with high-profile global brands. Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi are just some of the many on this list. The girl often stars on the covers of world-famous glosses: Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’officiel, and has even given an interview for Forbes!

However, today our editorial board talked to Anastasiia about filming for the NANOJY women’s clothing brand. We tried to find out the secret for Anastasiia Bondarchuk’s success, a model who glorifies Ukraine all over the world.


Nastya, tell us, what does success mean to you? When did you realize that you are famous?

You know, for me, success means doing what you love every day. During quarantine, I daily monitored the summary of the incidence in the country and the world. I really missed my favorite job. And to be honest, when I received the invitation to become the face of NANOJY, I was really happy!

In terms of popularity, it is probably an interview for Forbes. I still can’t believe it, but yes, you may read an article about me in this serious edition.

You say that you gladly accepted the offer from the founders of the NANOJY brand to become the face of their campaign. Tell us about the brand. Why did you like it so much?


NANOJY is femininity, refinement, grace. One of the creators of the brand is my favorite producer Elvira Gavrilova. Believe me, I trust her taste without any doubt, as she creates outfits that she is ready to wear herself. Elvira is a real fashionista with an impeccable sense of style.

We already know about the Odessa locations where the filming took place. Is it true that you were planning to shoot a video abroad? Why did you change your mind?

All because of the coronavirus. But I have no regrets. If you watch the video, you will understand everything yourself. In my native Odessa there are places no worse than the French Riviera or the Italian mountain lakes. Kuyalnik gave our film crew 2 impeccable locations. The reddish clay desert of the Kuyalnitsky estuary resembles shots from science fiction movies about the colonization of distant planets. There we filmed the earth and fire elements.


There is a wonderful white horse in the frame with you. Do you engage in horseback riding?

Unfortunately, not yet. Horse riding is my cherished dream. I promised myself that as soon as I was freer, I would definitely learn to ride. I have already tried it, but I would like to learn riding professionally.

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