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Elledgy: the singer and producer tells a love story in her flamboyant debut music video

Elledgy Love me long – international YouTube premiere


Elledgy: the singer and producer tells a love story in her flamboyant debut music video

On January 21 on YouTube, there was a public release of the music video Love me Long. The flamboyant work of the debutant Elledgy agitated the media space and triggered heating discussions. However, for at least 150 thousand people this music video came as no surprise – they were looking forward to it, anticipating it, and admiring it in advance. Elvira Gavrilova, who performed under the stage name Elledgy, is far from being a newcomer in showbiz. The producer, the President of the national award “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, model, and TV host, she was preparing her large audience to her debut in pop music all month through. We took this chance to talk to the singer just to find out that she was not going to build a singing career. In the interview below, read more about her aim and plans as well as about the details of January’s most exciting music video.

Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilove): it’s not about becoming a singer

Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilova) – the producer’s original project

Elvira the Singer is yet another area in which you have proved yourself. Please, share your impressions; did you enjoy this role of yours?

Yes, it’s quite tempting to be a singer, I loved this experience. However, I want to make it clear – it’s not about becoming famous as a singer. I’m in producing – most of all, I produce fashion models and singers. Besides, in the future, I’d like to enter the movie producing business. But it all takes experience.

So, to see the process from inside, you decided to make a movie video of your own?

Exactly. I belong to the type of managers who believe it’s a must to know the process from inside and personally cooperate with every link in this chain – from a secretary to the CEO. Producing is not an exception. To be an ultimately efficient producer for the singers and make their videos, I had to study the details of this activity. I dived deeply into it.

Love me long: football star Sergey Melnik was dumped for another girl

In Elledgy’s music video Love me long, the main female character opts for the girl

Even though you were more focused on the process, the result you got is really impressive. Could tell us about the music video? It’s quite controversial.

Its plot is based on the never-ageing story about a love triangle. However, this time, this triangle comprises three young girls. The person in the song is in love, but her beloved one is not going to give up the other girl for her. The video also stars Sergey Melnik – a famous football-player, the “Bachelor” of the 5th season of the Ukrainian version of the show. In the story, we meet in a restaurant but I still have feelings. I see her again, and it’s all coming back to me. I’m unable to get rid of the memories of that wonderful time we had together with her, so I say no to Sergey Melnik’s character – making it a big surprise to the millions of his female fans. I won’t tell you everything – watch the video, enjoy it, and leave your comments. I’m looking forward to them.

Elvira Gavrilova will present her music video to the European audience

The track is in English. Are you going to promote it beyond Ukraine, too?

For quite a long time, I’ve been working in Europe and I spend most of my time in Portugal. Many clients of mine are people from abroad, so, of course, I want my work to be seen and understood not only in Ukraine but overseas, too. And English is the language understood by most of the people. Both the music video and the soundtrack will be presented on all international platforms: Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube.

How about TV?

Will see. 😉

Follow the news on Elledgy on the official website of Elvira Gavrilova.

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