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Drastic Growth Of Sales Performed Through Messengers


Drastic Growth Of Sales Performed Through Messengers

In 2018, through the Yandex. Checkout, companies issued about 1.5 million invoices to customers. 58% of them were done by email, 31% via instant messengers, and only 11% by SMS. Among these three methods, the largest potential for growth belongs to instant messengers. The recent study showed growth in sales there from less than 5% in 2017 to 31% in 2018.

The billing service is used by more than 7,000 companies, 1,000 of which offer products and services online without having their own website. Such companies usually offer goods and services through social networks. The billing service allows them, even without their own website, to accept online payment from bank cards and other means. This means a significant shift to social media and its messaging tools as enablers of sales growth.

Opportunities Of Using Messengers For Sales Growth

Usually, messaging services are used to sell items for home or garden, clothes, and shoes, souvenirs as well as hobby-related goods. These categories account for more than 35% of all accounts. In addition, products, equipment, goods for sports and master classes certificates and training are often paid for in messengers as well. Given the size of all these segments, this tool undoubtedly becomes of greater importance for companies and marketing specialists.

Below are some of the features enabling such an unprecedented growth of messengers usage as main selling tools in the era of digital marketing technologies:

  • chatbots: by creating chatbots in the messenger channels, one simply established a consistent and reliable communication channel with a user. The bot can answer any time the day and provide a prospective customer with answers to any kinds of questions he or she may have. Moreover, it educates a client and tells all the relevant information about the product in a polite and nicely prepared way;
  • buy buttons: this feature is nothing but the most time-efficient way to execute the purchase. Given that many products people find through social media, they usually do not want to waste time by looking for the website and finding the very item that grabbed their attention. Instead, customers want to do a one-click purchase and now it is also an option in communication tools;
  • online support and requests processing: the ability to process customers requests 24/7 and also help them solve issues can easily be realized to the fullest extent in messengers.

To wrap things up, businesses should pay more attention to social media capacity of generating and performing sales as it has allegedly been increasing.

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