Danone’s first global CMO in a decade has overhauled marketing to create a new vision for the company that calls on brands to “be bold or die”.

Valérie Hernando-Presse, global CMO at Danone, has been on a mission for the past 18 months to reinvent the organisation’s marketing.

Her goal is to align the French company’s 2,000 marketers under one vision and she is unafraid to shake things up.

“After 10 years without any central marketing organisation at Danone I was starting from a blank page, so I had the freedom to create the function, my team, our roles, our priorities,” she says.

Hernando-Presse is quick to point out the world is changing, as are consumers, so she is unequivocal that she needs to equip her marketers with new ways of thinking in order thrive.

“Traditional marketing practices are over,” she suggests. “Crucially, the consumer doesn’t care anymore. People don’t care about the names of brands.”

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