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Creativity makes marketing more effective

Creativity makes marketing more effective


Creativity makes marketing more effective

Burger King looks outside its sector and beyond its own agencies for creative ideas as it looks to engage consumers around issues such as waste and sustainability.

In order for creativity to flourish, Burger King believes brands need to be open to ideas wherever they may come from, even if that is beyond their creative agency or outside their sector.
Burger King’s UK marketing director Katie Evans tells Marketing Week she avoids a “formal process” where possible in pitching and notes: “If somebody wants to email me or approach us with a good idea we’re more than happy to discuss it and look at it.”
This openness applies to its agencies, with Burger King keen to hear creative ideas from any company they work with. “We’re very open to ideas. That’s not just from our creative agency, that’s our PR agency, our digital agency. We work really well with the team and share thoughts and discussions and get their input on a brief,” she says.

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