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Best Shetland Yarn for Knitting –

Best Shetland Yarn for Knitting –


Best Shetland Yarn for Knitting –

Shetland wool is warm, thick, and comfortable to the touch. It isn’t as luxurious and soft as merino or cashmere, but it doesn’t have prickly guard hairs, the hairs that itch. Lofty and light, this wool allows you to makes textile art or sweaters that aren’t too heavy. Shetland fibers are strong and weather well: they don’t wear out quickly or pill. Shetland wool felts with ease, creating beautifully soft and stable felt art and sculpture. 
1. Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds Yarn
Flecks of colored fibers add depth to Patons’ Shetland rich, vibrant yarns. Their deep-red Shetland Chunky is a zingy, tomato hue; the yarn is also available in a variety of colors. Soft and warm to the touch, the four-ply yarn is a blend of 22% wool, 72% acrylic, and 3% viscose. This blend is durable, machine washable, and maintains its shape. The yarn sits comfortably within your hands for hours of knitting, crocheting, and effortless weaving. Create superb fiber art with Patons’ yarn! 

Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds Yarn


2. West Yorkshire Spinners Shetland Aran
This fine 100% Shetland wool yarn is made from special fleece supplied by Jamieson & Smith, premiere Shetland wool producers on the Shetland Islands. This line, The Croft, is spun into beautiful worsted/aran-weight yarn, perfect for knitting and weaving. It is durable yet soft and silky, perfect for hours of handwork. Fibers within the yarn stay in place and do not shed. The yarn is available in a wide range of stunning colors, inspired by Shetland Island traditional colors.

West Yorkshire Spinners Shetland Aran


3. Paradise Fibers White Shetland Wool
Versatility in materials is a must for art educators, and Paradise Fibers’ wool offers fiber artists options. Teaching felting and felt sculpture techniques? This roving is ideal. It also effortlessly spins into yarn, and it absorbs dyes for gorgeous colors. The silky wool has a longer fiber length than most wools, making it perfect for beginners and more-advanced artists. Its top/roving length is four meters per 100 grams, width one inch. Paradise Fibers offers its Shetland Wool Roving in a variety of colors, in addition to white. Create amazing textile art with this wool!

Paradise Fibers White Shetland Wool


4. Jamieson’s Shetland Heather – Broch
Jamieson’s Shetland wools are grown and spun on the Shetland Islands in Scotland by a fifth-generation mill family dedicated to high-quality Shetland wool. Their Shetland Heather is soft-spun, worsted/aran (medium) weight yarn. The yarn has threads with different hues running through it for rich, complex color. Springy and lightweight, the wool is perfect for textured knits, thick sweaters, and fiber art requiring natural textures. Artists love working with Jamieson’s, and people will want to reach out and touch textiles made with this gorgeous yarn. It is especially lovely after warm wet blocking.

Jamieson’s Shetland Heather – Broch


5. Living Dreams Yarn Store Shetland Wool/Tussah Silk
Luxurious and velvety, Living Dreams Yarn’s roving is made from 70% Shetland wool and 30% tussah silk. The contrast of the thick Shetland wool with glossy tussah silk creates an extraordinary blend. This lofty roving retains its natural colors and is soft to the touch. The mixture of wool with silk makes it ideal for those learning to spin. The roving easily sculpts using wet- or needle-felting techniques. All natural, the wool faintly smells like sheep! With this roving, your next gorgeous fiber sculpture beckons.

Living Dreams Yarn Store Shetland Wool/Tussah Silk


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