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3 questions I wish I’d asked as a junior marketer: Sonia Sudhakar

3 questions I wish I'd asked as a junior marketer: Sonia Sudhakar


3 questions I wish I’d asked as a junior marketer: Sonia Sudhakar


Sonia Sudhakar still struggles to speak up, but she wants young marketers to understand that showing vulnerability when asking questions is not a weakness, it’s an intellectual strength.

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s a strength. This is something Guardian News & Media’s marketing director Sonia Sudhakar wishes she’d realised earlier in her career.

Sudhakar has been with The Guardian for more than four years following time at Virgin Media, ITV and She also spent six months at Telegraph Media Group, though she says this role was a “short and unsuccessful stint” for many reasons. One being that, at the time, Sudhakar hadn’t really recognised the significance of aligning her values with the company she was working at.

“I was so angsty about rising up and getting more senior regardless of what the job was,” she reflects.

Sudhakar is quick to acknowledge that asking a number of key questions earlier would have propelled her career faster, while also making for a “smoother and easier ride”.

“It’s been really hard work for years. Had I known some of this stuff earlier I might have had a better work-life balance and I might have been less emotionally fraught along the way,” she explains.

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