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Win-win options: what to invest in

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Win-win options: what to invest in

The biggest mistake you can make about investing in 2023 is not to invest.

Should you invest in cryptocurrencies?

Crypto is one of the most popular topics in media and social networks, and its popularity will only grow in 2023.

Cryptocurrencies are very complex, and in order to make money on them, you need to pretty much upgrade your expertise. Those who are successfully making money on the crypt at the moment have invested their time in researching how it works. They constantly monitor the information field to make more accurate forecasts.

Stock market

Stocks, like cryptocurrencies, are constantly changing in price. But they are more focused on current processes in the global economy. This makes forecasting easier, and hence the opportunity to earn. But do not think that it will be enough to monitor the news feed. Don’t be satisfied with what lies on the surface.

Remember the Netflix case this year. The company held a presentation of the results for the year, shared plans for the future and stated at the presentation that the number of subscribers is expected to fall by 2 million people.

This was picked up by the media, and Netflix shares fell by 30%. If we ignore how the news was presented, we will see that the number of subscribers fell by only 1%, because at the time of the presentation of the report there were 200 million of them.

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