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Ukrainian-Luxembourg business club will discuss the restoration and European integration of Ukraine

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Ukrainian-Luxembourg business club will discuss the restoration and European integration of Ukraine

On January 31, the Ukrainian-Luxembourg Business Club (ULBC) with the participation of representatives of the governments of the two countries will hold a forum to discuss the restoration of Ukraine and its integration into the EU.

As the organizers of the forum note, although the war in Ukraine is far from over, planning for the post-war period has begun. In Ukraine, one can expect a structural transformation unprecedented in modern history.

In their opinion, the renewal and reconstruction of Ukraine represent unique opportunities and specific risks for investors: “Given the expected growth, post-war investment in Ukraine raises serious commercial, legal and technical issues, as well as the need for coordination with international financial institutions and politicians.”

ULBC believes that with the financial market infrastructure that supports the global asset management industry, the presence of European institutions and investors, Luxembourg is ideally suited for this discussion.

The forum will also bring together public organizations, direct foreign investors, asset managers, legal advisors and consultants, multilateral financial institutions and sponsors.

The partners of the event include the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, ArcelorMittal, the European Investment Bank, and Clearstream International Depository.

It is assumed that the discussions will also take place at the practical level in order to achieve tangible progress in important areas of recovery of the Ukrainian economy. Workshops are planned in such project areas as, in particular, infrastructure, technology, agriculture and food, cyber security, education, capital markets and currency regulation, rule of law and EU accession, ESG, coordination of public and private financing.

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