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Remarkable Discovery of Ancient Artemis Temple Unveils Treasures in Greece

Artemis Amarynthos temple


Remarkable Discovery of Ancient Artemis Temple Unveils Treasures in Greece

In a groundbreaking archaeological find, a team of Swiss and Greek researchers has unearthed an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis, revealing a trove of historic structures and valuable relics, including gold and silver jewels. This significant discovery has been unfolding at the sanctuary site since 2017, with the recent uncovering of a second temple in 2023 leading to the most notable findings.

The Ministry of Culture of Greece, in a social media announcement, highlighted the discovery of a “monumental building” at the heart of the sanctuary. The second temple, unearthed in 2023, has offered a rich array of relics and jewelry. This sanctuary, located in Amarynthos, has been the focus of annual excavations by the Swiss-Greek archaeological team for about 15 years.

The temple, dating back to the seventh century B.C., measures nearly 100 feet in length, aligning with the dimensions of other temples from the same era. Its interior features several constructions, such as altars and hearths, including a horseshoe-shaped altar laden with ash and charred bones. Some of these altars might predate the temple itself, with pottery found at the site dating back to the eighth century B.C.

Among the treasures discovered inside the temple are vases, intricate jewelry made from gold, silver, coral, and amber, amulets originating from Asia and other Eastern regions, and bronze and iron fittings. Beneath the temple, the archaeologists discovered dry stone walls belonging to an earlier building, along with bronze figurines from the Geometric period and a clay bull head from the Mycenaean period.

Tracing the temple’s history, researchers believe it was partially destroyed by fire in the sixth century B.C., after which another temple was constructed towards the end of that century. The ongoing research at the sanctuary aims to understand its integration into the ancient landscape by examining surrounding rural settlements, agricultural land, and connections between ancient cities.

This discovery comes on the heels of another recent finding by Greek archaeologists: an ancient aqueduct built by a Roman emperor and over two dozen silver coins. These discoveries underscore the rich and layered history of Greece, offering insights into its ancient civilizations and their cultural, religious, and artistic practices.

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