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Iconic Fashion Pieces from TV, Film, and Celebrity Life Achieve Remarkable Success at Julien’s Auctions

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Iconic Fashion Pieces from TV, Film, and Celebrity Life Achieve Remarkable Success at Julien’s Auctions

The fashion world witnessed a momentous event as Julien’s Auctions in California hosted a sale of iconic fashion items from film, TV, and celebrity wardrobes. The highlight of the auction was the legendary tulle tutu worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the opening credits of “Sex and the City,” which fetched an astounding $52,000, far surpassing its expected price range of $8,000-12,000.

This iconic oyster-white, three-tier tutu skirt, synonymous with Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw, drew 24 bids, highlighting its enduring appeal and status as a pop culture symbol. The tutu, originally bought by the show’s costume designer Patricia Field from a five-dollar bin in New York’s garment district, became an emblematic piece of the smash-hit HBO series. Field’s discovery of the skirt, as detailed in her book “Pat in the City: My Life of Fashion, Style and Breaking All the Rules,” revealed how the tutu’s whimsical and adventurous nature perfectly encapsulated the essence of “Sex and the City.”

Sarah Jessica Parker reprised the tutu in the 2008 “Sex and the City” movie, in a memorable scene where Carrie, along with friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, decide on the fate of various outfits in her closet. The tutu was a unanimous “keep,” emphasizing its significance in the series. The sale of this piece, complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Field, marks a high point in the auction of television and film memorabilia.

The auction titled “Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion,” featured a wide array of remarkable items, reflecting the diverse tastes and styles of various renowned personalities. Among these, a black velvet cocktail dress designed by Catherine Walker and worn by Princess Diana achieved a record-breaking sale of $325,000. This elegant piece showcased Princess Diana’s timeless fashion sense and the enduring fascination with her style.

Another standout lot was a pair of sequin-embellished paisley pants and matching shoes worn by Cher to the 2000 Vanity Fair Oscar’s after-party, which sold for $5,715. Cher’s flamboyant and unique fashion choices have always captivated audiences, and the sale of these items highlights her lasting influence in the world of celebrity fashion.

Additionally, a custom-made onesie for the “Legally Blonde” character Elle Woods’ pet chihuahua fetched $1,625. This quirky item reflects the playful and stylish nature of the film, as well as the affection fans have for its characters and their unique wardrobes.

This auction at Julien’s not only celebrated the iconic styles of well-known figures but also underscored the impact of fashion in entertainment and popular culture. The significant interest and high bids for these items indicate a growing appreciation for fashion as an integral part of storytelling and celebrity identity. As collectors and enthusiasts continue to seek out these memorable pieces, the intersection of fashion, film, TV, and celebrity life remains a vibrant and fascinating domain.

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