Charisse Jones


Published 12:13 PM EDT Sep 18, 2019

What were they thinking? 

For meat lovers who’ve quaked at vegan versions of carnivorous delights such as burgers and chicken wings, the announcement of a concoction dubbed vegan oxtails, well, takes the cake.

After a picture of the product, made by a company called Absolute Vegetarian, began making the rounds on social media, there were howls of outrage from Facebook to Twitter.

“There’s no possible way you can make vegan oxtail! It’s just not possible,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweeter was more blunt: “This is wrong and unnatural!!!!!” 

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Someone else simply asked, “Vegan oxtail?? Why?”

The vegan version of a staple on West Indian and Southern menus alike got a lot of attention. Whether anyone bites remains to be seen.  

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