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Star secrets: what does Elvira Gavrilova do to stay in perfect shape?

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Star secrets: what does Elvira Gavrilova do to stay in perfect shape?

How to stay in shape? How to be self-confident? Business lady Elvira Gavrilova answered these questions today.

Elvira, tell us about your diet. Are you on diet?

After reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, I stopped following any diet. After all, the most important thing in life is balance. This also applies to nutrition.

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Your perfect three-course menu.

Salmon tartare, carbonara and for dessert – cheesecake. Probably my ideal menu would look like this.

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How much exercise do you need to look great?

A couple of hours a day.

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Do you find it difficult to keep yourself in shape?

To stay fit, of course, you need to keep fit and exercise. But I was also lucky with heredity and a good metabolism.

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Which vacation will you choose?

I would love to relax on the ocean.

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Your life hack for the perfect figure.

Get active, get enough sleep and walk before breakfast.

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How to become more self-confident?

Remember that you don’t owe anything to anyone. Today’s body-centrism is also a road to nowhere. Relax and enjoy life.

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Photo Retouching: @nanamoonphotography
Glasses: @gucci
Top: @celine
Choker: @balenciaga
Trousers: @bershka
Bag: @hermes
Shoes: @casadeiofficial
Wrist-watch: Rolex Datejust

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