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Maria Glagoleva. How to motivate yourself to study a foreign language?

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Maria Glagoleva. How to motivate yourself to study a foreign language?

Have you tried everything, but have not been able to improve relations with the English language? Then our new interview is exactly for you.
Maria Glagoleva, the Maria Gragoleva Language Centre founder, director, and teacher of English and German. We are talking about the main things in teaching a foreign language and motivation.

Do you know a universal method for learning English quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly?

No, I do not know. If someone knows, I would be grateful if someone shared this information with me (Smiles). I always say, without hiding it, that learning English is expensive, difficult, and takes some time.
Someone says that in 3 months you can master the language, but this is absurd. Learning a language is hard work.

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Motivation is an essential tool when learning a foreign language, but what if it gradually disappears due to the complexity and amount of material to memorize? How do you help your students deal with this problem?

You can’t force someone to be motivated. I know this from my own experience: if I don’t want something, no matter how other people “motivate” me, nothing will come of it until I like it.
Perhaps, due to the fact that we have a private school, I do not encounter unmotivated students. Students initially come with a desire to learn English, and we, in turn, help this love for a foreign language not fade away by selecting exciting resources for learning.

How can you learn a language if you constantly find excuses: no time, tired, etc., but at the same time, there is a desire to learn?

To begin with, it is better to decide on your goal, because motivation comes from it. If there is no desire to learn a foreign language, then, unfortunately, there will be no result.

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What needs to be done so that the desire to learn English does not disappear?

Improve your English every day with practice and fun, useful, and interesting assignments.

Why do you think English is worth learning?

Motivation to learn English is a key element. I think it’s worth remembering why we learn English at all. And there are many reasons for that.
One of the main ones: English is the language of world communication, which unites millions of people around the world. Knowing English, you will always be aware of all events and will never be a loser.

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