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Launch of “Pro Ukraine”: Unlocking the Secrets of Ukrainian Culture and Business Prospects


Launch of “Pro Ukraine”: Unlocking the Secrets of Ukrainian Culture and Business Prospects

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“Pro Ukraine is the highest form of journalism that opens up the unique world of Ukrainian culture, business, and philanthropy to its readers. Elvira Gavrilova, a well-known editor and founder, shares her many years of experience and tracks the fascinating pages of Ukrainian life. Despite her ten years of experience in international publishing and advertising, she decided to go further by creating a magazine that will become a kind of sail for everything Ukrainian.

“Pro Ukraine is not just a magazine, but a significant step into the world of Ukrainian culture. The distribution of 10,000 copies across Europe, America, and the Arab world demonstrates the wide influence and popularity of this project. The magazine, which covers history, culture, business, and fashion, has become a window into the Ukrainian world. Elvira Gavrilova turns each issue into a journey into the world of Ukrainian beauty and talent.

Elvira is not only the editor-in-chief of Pro Ukraine, but also the founder of Elledgy Media Group, an international advertising company that works with the world’s leading events. She stands out not only as a publisher, but also as an activist who transforms her international advertising company into a charitable figure.

Outside of business, Elvira Gavrilova pays special attention to charity. Her project “Ukrainians for Ukraine” has become a symbol of unity to raise financial support. Charity events organized by Elvira in different countries help raise funds for the needs of Ukraine, thus providing an important contribution at an important time.

“Pro Ukraine is more than just a magazine. It is a platform that unites cultural and charitable initiatives. The famous Ukrainians for Ukraine charity evenings have now become an integral part of this project. Elvira is expanding the scope of her charitable activities by providing free support to young Ukrainian entrepreneurs to develop their ideas.

Pro Ukraine plans to introduce the 50 Best Ukrainian Businesses award at the Cannes Film Festival. This will be an award for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are recognized not only in Ukraine but also globally.

The Pro Ukraine team is always open to innovative ideas, working to develop the project to support Ukraine and its entrepreneurs.

The first issue of the magazine was presented during the 6th Ukrainians for Ukraine charity event in Kyiv, where more than UAH 2 million was raised for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and displaced children.

Who is on the pages of the first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine

The first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine introduces readers to its heroes, including a well-known public figure and philanthropist Natalia Bondarchuk, who actively supports talented Ukrainian youth. The “About the Heroes” section features an interview with Kolya Serga, a participant of the Cultural Forces project, and interviews with the Volunteer Battalion charity foundation and singer Vlad Sytnik, known as the Golden Voice of Ukraine. The project also reveals the initiatives of Ukrainian film producer and philanthropist Artem Koliubaiev, who is contributing his efforts to promote Ukrainian culture and cinema around the world.

Elvira Gavrilova will be implementing big plans for the future of Pro Ukraine. By growing as a publication and supporting Ukrainian business through charitable initiatives, she aims to contribute to the development of Ukrainian business and promote Ukrainian culture internationally.

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