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Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, Dmytro Milutin: How business supports Ukrainians during the war

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Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, Dmytro Milutin: How business supports Ukrainians during the war

Despite the sharp drop in macro indicators, business is doing everything possible to provide Ukrainians with everything they need.

Businessmen from Ukraine Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, and Dmytro Milutin continue to create material goods and help volunteers, displaced persons, and everyone who needs support now.

Let’s see how entrepreneurs support the Ukrainian people in difficult times.

Sargis Sargsyan

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Sargis Sargsyan is the president of the Vienna Center for Global Communications and Strategic Initiative and business expert.

Sargis Sargsyan continues to support the residents of Ukraine by delivering humanitarian aid, namely clothing and food for children, from European countries such as France, Great Britain, Greece and others.
Sargis Sargsyan plans to continue supplying necessary food, goods and medicine to Ukrainians who currently need it.
“No matter what, in my opinion, the duty of every businessman is to maintain balance in the state, save jobs and invest in the development of the country,” says Sargis Sargsyan.
Sargis Sargsyan is sure that the lives of millions of people depend on how quickly the world and businessmen in particular react to the difficult humanitarian situation in Ukraine. “Therefore, we must not delay, help as soon as possible and provide all necessary assistance to the people. Volunteers, entrepreneurs and international non-governmental organizations should be involved in order to improve the provision of humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine. This requires maximum efficiency and a complex, systematic approach to solving humanitarian problems. We must all do our best to save people and work quickly for a better outcome. Only in this way will we be able to aid millions,” Sargis Sargsyan comments on the current situation in the country.

Evgenii Chernyak

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Evgenii Chernyak is a businessman, chairman of the supervisory board of the Global Spirits alcohol holding.

Despite the fact that the Global Spirits company does not advertise the exact amount of assistance to the people, we can be sure that their contribution is significant. They help volunteer organizations and aid Ukrainians by providing humanitarian assistance.
Among other assistance, we can single out the organization of hostels for refugees in Poland and the arrival of doctors from Israel to Zaporizhzhia.
Evgenii Chernyak also took part in a charity business breakfast in Warsaw, where 80,000 hryvnias were collected.

Vitalii Astakhov

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Vitalii Astakhov is the CEO of Alba Veritas Corporation.

Thanks to the efforts of Vitalii Astakhov, premises for Ukrainians living in active combat zones were built in Odesa.
The company “Alba Veritas” also provided Mykolaiv with water and organized the supply of bread for charity funds and hygiene products for children and adults during the first three months of the war.
Alba Veritas provided one of the children’s shelters in Odesa with blankets, bed linen, food and toys, as well as bought and donated walkie-talkies for the military and sent more than 500 sets of blankets and pillows.

Garik Korogodskyi

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Garik Korogodskyi is a businessman, blogger, philanthropist, founder of the charitable foundation “Lifelover”.

The project “Labourlover” from the “Lifelover” Foundation has been helping older people find work and change professions for four years. With the onset of full-scale war, volunteers focused on supporting elderly people who had been forced to leave their homes.
There are already several thousand migrants looking for work in the “Labourlover” database. These are representatives of various professions — cooks, dentists, economists, lawyers, florists, employees of personnel and accounting departments, kindergarten teachers, trainers of sports acrobatics and stretching, representatives of the trade sector and those who have experience in banking. The project helps them believe in themselves.

Dmytro Milutin

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Dmytro Milutin is the owner of the fragrance gallery in the center of Odessa.

Dmytro Milutin devotes most of his time to supporting Ukrainians, being a volunteer. In his shop, the man collects things, including clothes for elderly people.

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