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Dmitry Krupenko- a business expert and an experienced mentor in the financial field

Conquer financial markets with Dmitriy Krupenko and the ETC Group of Companies


Dmitry Krupenko- a business expert and an experienced mentor in the financial field

Dmitry Krupenko- a professional trader, who has been solo trading in the financial markets for over 5 years, advises clients in the field of favourable investments. He is head of branch at the ETC Group of Companies in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

“The basis of successful trading is a detailed analysis”, states Dmitry Krupenko. The business expert was one of the first in Ukraine to analyze the market in the summer of 2016 and correctly predict the fall of the British pound before the results of the referendum on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU were announced.

Through his work, Dmitry helps people to be successful at trading in the financial markets. His clients earn an average of at least 3% per month, depending on the projects they work with, and on the trading strategies they use.

Dmitry Krupenko, the financier- “Avoid spontaneous decisions on the financial market’’

Use the recommendations of the experienced business expert Dmitry Krupenko

Advice from the practicing trader and business professional: “The main thing is not to overload your account while trading in financial markets”. To achieve this effect, Dmitry Krupenko recommends use of the basic rules of money management. All deals have to be well thought out and comply with the rules of trade. Such a theoretical base can be obtained at a personal consultation with Dmitry or during comprehensive training at the Exchange Technology Center. 

Dmitry Krupenko is a business expert who has trained more than 300 clients who successfully engage in trading and investing using his analytical tools. For 5 years, the financier developed more than 20 strategies of trading and methods of investment. He steadily accumulates new knowledge and monitors important information, to share with everyone who wishes to obtain a high passive income. Dmitry’s contribution to the development of financial education is not only regular public training programmes, but also informative articles in the media and, of course, personal professional consultations. His achievements were recognized when he became a finalist in the TOP-100 rating “Pride of Ukraine: Men” in the category of “Science and Education”.

Get a unique education in the financial markets

Dmitry Krupenko- a business expert who is ready to teach investing and trading

Dmitry Krupenko, a financier, who conducted about 100 seminars on the topic of financial literacy, pays attention not only to the basics of trading, but also to budget planning. Dmitry Krupenko conducts his free master-classes in the ETC office in Kyiv, Ukraine.“In my opinion, trading in the financial market is the most sought-after and promising area available today”, said Dmitry Krupenko. The financier uses the symbiosis of fundamental theory, the newest technologies and unemotional trading in his practice. He has received a lot of feedback from his clients, which can be viewed on Dmitry Krupenko’s personal site. You can also sign up for a personal consultation with the expert and read his articles, in which he discusses important topics from his professional field of expertise- the financial markets.

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