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21 products you need if you’re always losing things

21 products you need if you're always losing things


21 products you need if you’re always losing things

Amanda Tarlton

Published 11:53 AM EDT Sep 23, 2019

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We all have that friend (or maybe you are that friend): the one who is always looking for their keys. The one who never knows where their phone is. The one who always leaves their wallet at the bar.

If that sounds a little too relatable, here are 21 things from Amazon that will help you keep track of all of your belongings, from your keys to your car.

1. This cult-favorite tracker

There’s a reason so many people are obsessed with Tile trackers—they’re ridiculously good at locating anything you’ve lost, whether it’s your phone or your keys. Fans love that each square has a long battery life and that all you have to do to find your things is press a button on the app and the Tile will ring loudly enough for you to hear it from up to 300 feet away.

Get the Tile Pro (Set of 2) for $51.07

2. This smart lock so you don’t even need keys

Sometimes you just have to accept that you will never be the type of person who knows where their keys are. If that’s the case, a smart lock—which you can unlock with your phone instead of keys—could save the day (and your sanity). Our experts chose this one as the best smart lock of 2019 because it has a ton of great features, including an app that’s intuitive and easy to use and some of the fastest lock/unlock times.  

Get the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt for $249

3. A charger you can wear as a bracelet

If you’ve ever had your phone die while you’re out and about, you know that it’s inconvenient at best and scary at worst. But trying to remember to bring your charger everywhere you go is tough. Instead, slip on this bracelet, which is actually a lightning cable in disguise. Its reviewers say that it’s not only really comfortable but it’s also great at charging both iPhones and iPads.

Get the Auzev Lightning Cable Bracelet for $14.99

4. A device to find your car in a parking lot

Famous last words: “Don’t worry, I’ll remember where I parked my car.” Most of us have probably wasted a lot of time roaming parkings lots, garages, or city streets in the past searching for our cars. That’s why this tracker has hundreds of five-star reviews. According to users, its GPS technology is scarily accurate and the app will tell you the exact distance and directions back to your car.

Get the nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger for $31

5. This wallet that sticks right onto your phone

You can hardly keep track of one thing, so how are you expected to keep track of multiple things (like your wallet, earbuds, keys, cash, phone, etc.)? With this convenient pouch, you won’t have to. It sticks to the back of your phone so everything is kept in one place and users say it’s very secure and sleek so your phone doesn’t feel bulky.

Get the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet for $8.95

6. A clever purse organizer

“I know it’s in here somewhere,” says every woman digging through her purse to find that pen, wallet, loose change, or what have you that she’s looking for. This removable organizer puts an end to that endless searching, reviewers say. They love that there are so many different-sized pockets and even a key hook to hold your keys.

Get the ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert for $19.88

7. This tracker that every pet owner needs

Want to know where your pup is 24/7? There’s an app for that. Even better, it connects to Whistle, which clips onto your dog’s collar so you can track their location every minute of the day. Over 4,000 pet parents have given it glowing reviews on Amazon because it’s easy to use and is very accurate at pinpointing your pet’s location since it uses a combination of GPS and cellular technology. Plus, Whistle has a very long battery life—reviewers say it can last for up to 7 days before it needs to be charged.

Get the Whistle Health & Location Tracker for Pets for $99.95

8. The most eye-catching keychain you can find

Losing keys is easy. Losing keys with a giant pom pom attached to them? Not so much. According to happy customers, this fuzzy keychain (which is 4.5 inches in diameter) is super soft and well-made, so it’s well worth the very affordable price. One woman even said she got so many compliments on it, she ended up buying one in every color.

Get the Miraclekoo Pom Pom Keychain for $6.99

9. An organizer that attaches to your bed

I’ve definitely fallen asleep in the middle of a Netflix binge only to wake up in the morning with so many questions (Where is the remote? Where is my phone? Where are my glasses?). For anyone else who’s too lazy to get out of bed—but feels tired of losing things in it—this clip-on caddy is a great solution. Customers give it five stars and say it’s well-made and spacious and they love that it even has a water bottle holder.

Get the mDesign Bedside Storage Organizer for $11.99

10. These clips to prevent lost socks

Everyone knows that the dryer is where socks go to die (or at least mysteriously vanish). But they won’t if you have these little locks, which hold your socks together. Users like that they make sorting and putting away the laundry much easier and that they’re extremely secure. The locks even keep their grip on your socks throughout each wash and dry cycle.

Get the Loc A Sock Clips (Pack of 40) for $15.49

11. A phone case you can wear on your wrist

You lay your phone down everywhere: on the counter, on the couch, on your carseat, on the train. So it’s only natural that sometimes you forget to pick it up, leading you on the wild goose chase that is trying to remember where you last put your phone. People on Amazon like that this wristlet case can help you avoid that problem, and say that it’s sturdy and good quality and even has a built-in screen protector and zippered wallet on the back.

Get the ZVE Phone Case for $16.99

12. A secure container for spare keys

Growing up, my sisters and I locked ourselves out of the house more times than I can count. Eventually my parents got tired of leaving work to come let us in and instead got this magnetic container for a set of spare keys that they hid underneath the grill. Not only is it a total godsend but it’s very durable and sticks well to any metal surface.

Get the Master Lock Magnetic Key Holder for $5.89

13. This popular smart speaker to replace your remotes

Want to change the channel but don’t know where the remote is? Ask Alexa. Want to call your mom but don’t know where your phone is? Ask Alexa. Basically, our experts’ favorite smart speaker will do everything you need without any effort on your part. The Echo was the best speaker we tested because it has so many features—like far-field voice recognition so it can hear you from the other room—and offers stellar sound quality.

Get the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) for $119.99

14. These colorful key caps

When you’re frantically searching for your keys in the morning, they blend in so easily with everything else—unless you use these colorful covers. They’re highly rated on Amazon because they can stretch to fit most size keys and because the rubber is flexible yet durable, so it lasts a long time without cracking or peeling.

Get the Uniclife Key Cap Covers (32-Pack) for $5.58

15. This genius product for bobby pins

One of life’s great mysteries is where bobby pins disappear to (I’ll buy a brand new pack only to have one left by the end of the week). While we may never know the answer, the HairpinPal can help keep them all in one place thanks to its powerful magnet. Customers claim it’s so strong that you can simply hover the holder over your bobby pins to snap them up.  

Get the HairpinPal for $13.98

16. A handy strap so you never lose your sunglasses again

Between my purse, my car, my office, and my kitchen counter (and occasionally even the top of my head), I’m never really sure where my sunglasses are. So 1,000-plus Amazon shoppers would argue that I need Chums, a handy strap that helps keep sunglasses right where you need them. They say it’s lightweight enough to wear around every day, yet also sturdy and strong enough that your sunglasses won’t slip out.

Get the Chums Eyewear Retainer for $6.40

17. This keyring for emergency cash

There’s never a good time to lose your wallet, but there is a worst time: when you’ve just ordered Starbucks, for instance, or just got in a taxi—a.k.a you need cash and you need it fast. That’s why Amazon customers love this keyring, which is actually a capsule for stashing extra cash. It’s praised for being discrete, durable, and completely waterproof, too.

Get the True Utility FlashStash for $9.99

18. A magnetic holder for your keys

No hooks, no problem. This key holder uses a simple—yet incredibly strong—magnet to keep your keys securely in place. The cute cloud-shaped holder has gotten great reviews because folks say it’s easy to install (it uses an adhesive backing so you don’t even need tools) and can hold multiple sets of keys.

Get the Twone White Magnetic Cloud Key Holder for $7.98

19. This genius catch-all to put in your car

The space between the driver’s seat and the center console is basically the black hole of your car. If you drop something down there, chances are it’ll probably never be seen again. To prevent that, many Amazon shoppers have turned to this console side pocket, which they say slides easily into place and catches everything before it’s lost to the depths of your car forever.

Get the Inpoc Console Side Pocket for $17.98

20. A mini carabiner to keep your keys together

As someone who uses this tiny carabiner on my own keys, trust me: it’s a game-changer. Before, I had crappy rings or cheap carabiners that broke all the time and I was constantly losing keys and keycards. But ever since I switched over to this clip, I haven’t lost a thing (and I’ve been using the same one for over a year straight!). It’s held up incredibly well and the locking mechanism is super strong, so you can rest easy knowing your keys are safe. 

Get the Nite Ize S-Biner MicroLock (Set of 2) for $5.49

21. This mount for your remote controls

You may think that the most commonly lost item is keys—but according to a new survey, it’s actually the TV remote. That could be why this remote control holder has so many 5-star reviews on Amazon. Fans enjoy that it’s spacious enough to fit multiple remotes in any size and that the mounting kit keeps the holder securely in place.

Get the TotalMount Universal Remote Holder for $14.99

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