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20 incredible Valentine’s Day cards to send to your loved ones

20 incredible Valentine's Day cards to send to your loved ones


20 incredible Valentine’s Day cards to send to your loved ones

Tessa Bahoosh
— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.It’s hard to believe it, but Valentine’s Day is upon us again. This time last year, we were going out with our sweeties, or eagerly waiting for the 15th to raid the discounted chocolate aisle. Valentine’s Day during a pandemic looks a little different—but it can still be a fun celebration of love, in all its forms. We’re taking the opportunity to let our family, friends, roommates, and long distance partners know how much we appreciate them, whether we’ve spent the year together or half a world away.Get expert shopping advice delivered to your phone. Sign up for text message alerts from the deal-hunting nerds at Reviewed.So we’ve gathered 20 top-rated Valentine’s Day cards from across the internet to help you start spreading the love. Just note that because of coronavirus related shipping delays, you’re going to want to ship these out sooner than later, so they actually arrive on February 14.Need help finding products? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.1. For the one who spreads joy: You Make Hearts Happy CardThis charming and simple card is perfect for just about anyone you appreciate. It’s not over-the-top with sentimentality, but but it has a thoughtful message: that the recipient is important, not just to you, but to everyone who loves them. That’s a pretty sweet card for just about any good friend, family member, neighbor, or loved one.Get the You Make Hearts Happy Valentine’s Day Card from Hallmark for $22. For the one who holds your heart: Paper Heart CardTwo hands, two birds, one heart. The image of a heart held tenderly in two hands encapsulates a gentle affection that’s usually pretty tough to communicate through a simple card. For a valentine with a sense of style, a beautiful painted card like this one is ideal.Get the Paper Heart Card from Postable for $3.993. For the captivating creative: I’m Drawn To You CardThe straight-forward sentiment in this card works for an established relationship and even a brand new one. The visual pun is clever, but more importantly, this card emphasizes the butterfly-inducing feeling of knowing that someone is interested in you. It’s not over the top, but subtle enough to help sparks continue to fly.Get the I’m Drawn To You Card from Postable for $3.994. For the quarantine partner: Quality Time CardAt a certain point in any relationship, comfort is bound to take over. It’s not that romance is dead… it’s just that, sometimes, lying next to one another scrolling through social media and taking turns sending each other three-second long videos is romance. This card will help you let your partner know that you love even your most low-maintenance nights together, even if this particular night is the most romantic you’ve seen in months.Get the Quality Time Valentine’s Day Card from Urban Outfitters for $65. For the hopeless romantic: To My Valentine… CardFor gorgeous, floral card designs, no one’s doing it quite like Rifle Paper Co. Personally, it was hard to pick just one of their flowery cards—so if your valentine loves some rose-tinted romance, definitely check out the rest of the brand’s offerings. We’re particularly in love with this opulent flowery illustration. If you can’t send a bouquet, this is the next best thing.Get the To My Valentine… Card from Rifle Paper Co. for $56. For the plant lover: Aloe Vera Much CardThis is the card you want to give to the lover of succulents and silly puns. With its playful design, this card works whether your valentine is platonic and romantic one. It’s a lighthearted way to let a loved one know that, like aloe on a sunburn, their presence is a balm to your soul.Get the Aloe Vera Much Card from Paper Source for $9.957. For the one drunk on love: Valentine’s Day CardAh, love. It can make you dizzy, make you sick, or give you the outlandish confidence necessary to perform Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” at karaoke. This card is a perfect illustration of punch-drunk love. While you can definitely send this card to a romantic partner to show them how bamboozled they make you feel, it’s also a great pick for a lovesick friend.Get the Valentine’s Day Card from Postable for $3.998. For your partner in adventure: Epic Love CardRomance thrives on excitement, and in the middle of a global pandemic, that sense of exploration can be difficult to come by. This card is a lovely reminder that an epic love doesn’t turn mundane just because you’re occupied with domesticity. If anything, that’s when you plan your next great adventure! And, yes, still catch up on “90 Day Fiance.”Get the Epic Love Card from Postable for $3.999. For the resident of Bachelor Nation: Bachelor Rose CardThis cute, customizable card allows you to replace “Lauren S.” with the name of any loved one. It’s a hilarious way of telling them that, when it comes down to it, they’ll always get your final rose. But at the same time, it’s flirty enough to work for new or unconventional relationships—after all, Bachelor Nation thrives on them.Get the Bachelor Rose Card from Postable for $3.9910. For the one who makes you blush tomato red: To-Ma-Toes Valentine CardThis has got to be one of the cutest cards we’ve ever seen. The sweet illustration style is reminiscent of children’s picture books and it has an adorable sentiment to match. ‘Tis the season of corny puns (wait, wrong crop, sorry!), and we say lean into it. Plus, this is a loving message that anyone can appreciate.Get the To-Ma-Toes Valentine Card from Paper Source for $5.9511. For the family members waiting for their annual newsletter: Polka Hearts CardIf your extended family is the type to send out holiday photo cards, you were probably inundated with them over December. Intead replace your traditional holiday card with one celebrating Valentine’s Day! It will stick out from the pack—and frankly, dreary mid-February is when many of us could really use some unexpected cheer.Get the Polka Hearts Card from Minted for $2.13/each12. For the one who’s out of this world: Alien Valentine’s Day CardI love how this card combines the classic romantic look of lace and doilies with a sleek, spacey aesthetic. It’s a postcard, making it feel a little more casual than some of the cards on this list—and sometimes, that’s exactly the energy you need. It’s a unique card for your offbeat valentine, and buying through Etsy gives you a chance to support small independent stores and artists, too.Get the Alien Valentine’s Day Card from Etsy for $5.2513. For the one who slyly stole your heart: I Like You Fox CardPeering slyly over its shoulder, this fox is the perfect representation of that moment you first admit you’ve been harboring a crush. I love the illustration—it’s impressively atmospheric for such a simple card, and the perspective of looking over the fox’s shoulder makes the message feel both shy and intimate.Get the I Like You Fox Card from Postable for $3.9914. For the one who needs to let go: He Was Trash CardThere’s no way around it. Sometimes, Valentine’s Day creeps up on the heels of heartbreak. If you’re looking for a card for someone still nursing a recent breakup, you can inject some levity and remind them that they’re better off without the dead weight. Valentine’s Day might hurt when you’re newly single, but independence and self-respect are definitely worth celebrating!Get the He Was Trash Valentine’s Day Card from Urban Outfitters for $615. For the one who lights up your life: You Make Me Happy CardThis is one of those cards that’s so broad, it doesn’t have to be restricted to Valentine’s Day. But with such a sweet and sunshiny message, it certainly works for the holiday. Typical of Rifle Paper Co. cards, it’s clean but elegant, unique, and whimsically captivating. Telling someone that they make you happy might seem simple, but it’s hard to think of a more touching message to receive.Get the You Make Me Happy Card from Rifle Paper Co. for $516. For the one far away: Missing You Milk Carton CardWe’ve all said “I miss you” more times than we count over the past year, but this card offers a unique way to get the message across. The cute milk carton design injects a layer of humor into the painful business of being separated from a loved one. Although the card invites you to glue in a photograph, if you want to be extra adorable, we think you should try adding your own illustration. Let’s be real—the sillier the art, the cuter the card.Get the Missing You Milk Carton Card from Postable for $3.9917. For your north star: Love You to the Moon and Back CardGot an out-of-this-world valentine? Here’s a card that reflects your truly cosmic love. With the sun and moon nestled together, the illustration is a reminder that love is all about balance and appreciation for our differences. Not to mention, a portion of this card’s sales benefits UNICEF, so you’ll be sending love not only to your honey, but also to vulnerable kids around the world.Get the UNICEF Love You to the Moon and Back Valentine’s Day Card from Hallmark for $4.9918. For the photo card traditionalists: Rustic Affection Valentine’s CardMaybe you like the idea of sending a photo card, but you don’t want to be necessarily tied to Valentine’s Day. A template like this one from Shutterfly puts the emphasis on love, rather than on any specific holiday—so you don’t have to sweat if the cards get in the mail on February 15. As someone who has never gotten a holiday card out on time in my life, I definitely appreciate the wiggle room.Get the Rustic Affection Valentine’s Card from Shutterfly for $1.84/each19. For your favorite book worm: Checking You Out CardI’ve waded through a lot of flirty Valentine’s Day cards, but few of them are as cute and clever as this one. It’s a good pick if you want something with a little heat, but not full-blown innuendo. And what’s a better compliment than comparing someone to a favorite book that you return to again and again?Get the Checking You Out Card from Postable for $3.9920. For the one you can’t believe you spotted: Bigfoot Valentine CardOne of the best parts of falling in love is that feeling of incredible good luck. Of all the billions of people on the planet, isn’t it amazing that we wound up in the right time and place to meet our loved ones? This card leans into that feeling with a fun and silly illustration of Big Foot, celebrating the fact that you found someone who you initially didn’t know existed.Get the Bigfoot Valentine Card from Paper Source for $4.95The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest deals, product reviews, and more.Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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