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20 amazing products you need to practice self-care

20 amazing products you need to practice self-care


20 amazing products you need to practice self-care


— Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY’s newsroom and any business incentives.

The best thing about self-care besides, getting to treat yourself on a daily basis, is that it’s personalized to each and every one of us. Really, it’s entirely what you want it to be. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, getting in a sweaty yoga sesh on a Sunday afternoon, or even just sitting back with a glass of wine and a green goo avocado mask—we get to take care of ourselves.

It also means that we can get away with justifying certain spending in the name of self-care like a really nice yoga mat or an essential oil diffuser. So treat yourself right with the 20 self-care items on this list because, well, you deserve it.

1. A foam roller to roll the stress away

If you’re someone who considers themselves a fitness junkie, then you need a foam roller in your life. Foam rolling claims to prevent muscle injury, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle pain and soreness (leg day, anyone?). And yes, like me, you might develop a love-hate relationship with it since it hurts so good.

This LuxFit foam roller has 4.6 stars and over 3,000 reviews on Amazon. When we tested it ourselves, we found that it was the best foam roller overall. It comes in three different sizes and is made with molded polypropylene foam technology that will repel liquids (a.k.a. a lot of sweat). Bonus: It also won’t lose its shape no matter how often you roll.

Get the LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller (36 inch) on Amazon for $23.95

2. Yoga pants to do nothing all day in

Since one pair of name brand yoga pants seem to cost more than a monthly yoga subscription, we were shocked to find one at a modest price point without skimping on quality. Almost 6,000 women on Amazon agree, with claims that these are “best leggings ever.” They’re made with signature material that’s moisture-wicking and offers four-way stretching, making it perfect for both compression and support. Its design also features a high waist to suck in the stomach pooch. Plus, they have pockets and who doesn’t love pockets?

Get the 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Leggings on Amazon for $25.99

3. An eye mask that lets you catch Zzz’s anywhere

An eye mask is a great thing to have on hand because you never know when midday nap is going to strike. We love this Nidra eye mask and named it the best contoured eye mask we’ve ever tested. With its contoured shape and ability to block out most light, you can sneak in a restful slumber, anywhere. Some reviewers called it their own personal “blackout curtains.” It’s also great to use after a yoga class when you’re already chill from post-savasana.

Get the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask on Amazon for $11.95

4. A comfy pillow so you can stop counting sheep

Indulge in the most important form of self-care (sleep) with a high-quality pillow. We recommend the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and even named it our favorite pillow of all time. It arrives right to your doorstep rolled, compressed, and filled with extra bamboo shredded memory foam that you can adjust to your liking. If you’re someone, like me, who’s always way too hot throughout the night, then you will appreciate the Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and washable.

Get the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow on Amazon for $49.99

5. An essential oil diffuser to zen out your space

When you’re in a major mood and need a quick stress-reducing fix, diffusing some essential oils in just might do the drink. After testing a variety of essential oil diffusers, we found this one from InnoGear to be our favorite. Reviewers agree that it’s very quiet and the diffuser has a safety auto-off function whenever water runs out, so you can feel at ease. Plus, take your pick of seven different LED colors to add even further ambiance or just to use it as a night light.

Get the InnoGear Upgraded 150ml Diffuser on Amazon for $13.99

6. A Kindle to cozy up with anywhere

Just when we thought the Kindle Paperwhite couldn’t get any better—Amazon went and made it waterproof and doubled the storage. This means that you can bring self-care in the form of reading to the bath or beach. It’s also our favorite Kindle of the e-reading bunch. It’s the lightest model of all the Kindle and it has Audible built-in. The only real downside was that it requires Bluetooth headphones or speakers to use Audible since there is no headphone jack. But a battery that can last weeks more than makes up for it.

Get the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon for $149.99

7. A gravity blanket that feels like a big bear hug

Tired of counting sheep to fall asleep? You might want to try a weighted blanket. Along with helping you fall asleep, there are claims that it mimics the feeling of a full-body hug with its weighted beads to help you feel calmer. At $249, the Gravity Blanket is a splurge, but it’s made with quality materials, which is why it’s the best weighted blanket we’ve ever tested. It’s comforting, easy to wash, and will last for years. Though, it may seem like a high price, just consider it an investment to your sleep health.

Get the Gravity Blanket on Amazon for $249

8. A luxury hair dryer to cut drying time in half

If it’s taking you forever and a half to blow dry your hair, it might be time to upgrade one of your most-used hair tools. Instead of getting another so-so hair dryer, consider investing the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 that cuts drying time in half. This hair dyer, which is the best one we’ve ever tested, also features dual ion functionality that gives a salon-quality finish. At $249, it’s pretty pricey, but for Instagrammable hair, we think it’s worth it.

Get the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 on Dermstore for $249

9. A curling iron that actually holds a curl

For when you need to treat yourself to a little makeover, you need Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron. This nifty wand features a rotating wand that moves in two different speeds and with two different directions, which is why it’s our favorite curling wand. It can heat up to 410 degrees and features a 30-minute safety auto shut-off—in case you have the bad habit of forgetting to turn your iron off. We found that it cuts styling time in half and completely tames unwanted frizz.

Get the Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron on Amazon for $129

10. A yoga mat that provides all the support you need

If you’re an experienced (or beginner) yogi, then yoga is probably the ultimate ]form of self-care. But you really can’t finish a class with a crappy mat. You slip from sweating in downward dog or feel muscle pain from lack of support from the mat. This reversible mat by Lululemon strives to prevent that and it’s the best of the best. One of our editors loves it because it comes with extra cushion to provide ultimate comfort to the wrist, knees, and hips. Try it out yourself and get your zen on.

Get the Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm on Lululemon for $78

11. A Fitbit to stay on track of your health goals

One of the best (and most stylish) accessories that your health and fitness journey needs is a Fitbit. I have a Fitbit Charge 3 and loved it. Plus, it’s the best fitness tracker we’ve ever tested. It tracks the same stats as other Fitbit models like steps, heart rate, and stairs climbed, but with a more modest price tag. The real fun, however, lies in the Fitbit app, which is where you can track your sleep, water intake, exercise goals, and can even start fitness challenges with friends.

I use mine every day and love that it motivates me to keep active. You can even find me pacing like a maniac late at night just to hit my 10,000 steps for the day.

Get the Fitbit Charge 3 on Amazon for $134.15

12. A smart water bottle that reminds you to drink

When the intense summer heat comes on, you need to sip on water more regularly. It’s honestly a challenge and you might need some assistance. Enter the Hidrate Spark, a smart water bottle we called a “game-changer” after testing it. I have one, too, and love that it literally glows to remind me when to drink. You use the bottle’s app in conjunction with it, which automatically records your sips and even tailors your water goals based on your location and the weather.

Get the Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle at Target for $45

13. A face cleansing brush that leaves your skin glowing

Beauty counts as self-care, too, so pamper yourself with the Foreo Luna Mini 2 facial cleansing device. It’s a highly “loved” product on Sephora and we like it too. It works on basically all skin types to cleanse impurities away while banishing away common skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles and dull skin. For those on the go a lot, it’s super travel-friendly, too, and a single charge can last up to five months.

Get the Foreo Luna Mini 2 on Sephora for $179

14. A back and neck massager for pain relief

While you could visit the massage therapist every month for a little self-care, why not save some money by investing in an at-home massager? The Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager is quite popular with a 4.4-star rating and almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon. I have it too and love the fast relief I get from the massage nodes (which can be heated or unheated) that move in opposite directions every minute to relieve tight or sore muscles. With its contoured shape, you can use it pretty much anywhere, including the back, neck, calves, thighs, and feet for ultimate relief.

Get the Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager on Amazon for $49.95

15. A hair removal tool that’s as painless as it is effective

With life getting in the way, it can be tricky to schedule that emergency waxing appointment so we can be as hairless as a newborn baby while we flaunt our stuff. But instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars—not to mention a ton of pain—you can get results at home with this nifty hair removal tool. When we tried it, we found that it removed facial hair such as the upper lip, chin, and cheeks painlessly—and it didn’t grow back thicker. It does work better on peach fuzz than coarse hair, but overall, this dermatologist-recommended product is safe for all skin types and tones.

Get the Finishing Touch Flawless on Amazon for $19.88

16. A micellar cleansing water that your skincare routine needs

Micellar water is a great addition to any skincare routine because not only does it clean your face, but it also removes makeup. While some higher-end brands can cost a pretty penny, this one from Garnier is at a great price point and works just as well. It cleans and refreshes the face and can remove makeup without any harsh scrubbing. At this low price, you might as well splurge on a few.

Get the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water on Amazon for $6.26

17. A smart mug that keeps your drinks hot for hours

Whether you drink tea or coffee—at some point, it’s likely that you’ve made a steamy cup, only to forget all about it five minutes later. While a little on the pricey side, the Ember mug is something that will make cozying up with a warm cup of tea that much more enjoyable. This mug allows you to adjust the heat to your perfect temperature for whatever you’re drinking through a fancy app, so you can control how long it takes you to finish. It even notifies you when the perfect temperature has been reached and comes with its own charging coaster so you can sip all day long. One of our editors uses it daily and is obsessed with it too.

Get the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug on Amazon for $74.94

18. A journal that will have you laughing your troubles away

Who said mindfulness had to be boring? Help turn a bad day upside down with this Zen as F*ck journal that’s filled with page after page of swear words, which is the perfect remedy for not taking life too seriously. Reviewers love it because the journal activities and positive affirmations are filled with cheeky language that helps take their mind off their worries because they’re too busy laughing.

Get the Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t on Amazon for $8.99

19. Teeth whitening powder to attain those pearly whites

If you’re worried your teeth might not be as bright as they could be, but don’t want to spend a fortune on whitening them, try charcoal powder. We put this cult-favorite one to the test, which claims to work just as well without chemically-loaded products. It didn’t exactly wow us with the results, but others got whiter teeth, which is why it has more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating. Give it a try yourself, and you may even see results in as little as one to two treatments.

Get the Active Wow Teeth Whitening Powder on Amazon for $19.89

20. Bath salts to make your bath a calming oasis

If you can’t visit a 5-star Scandinavian spa or hot springs somewhere, a bubble bath is still a 5-star way to get in some good, old-fashioned self-care. But the secret lies in filling your bathtub with fan favorites that will make it a relaxing soak, such as Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution. There are two different kinds which come with different essential oils as the main focus: Soothe & Sleep has lavender while Relax & Relief is loaded with eucalyptus and spearmint.

Just pour two cups into a warm bath and soak in bliss for 20 minutes. Soon enough, you will be saying ahh and relaxing sore muscles away or preparing for a restful night’s sleep. Now all you need are candles and a glass of wine.

Get the Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution on Amazon for $16.25

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