Ovo hopes to trigger change with sustainable marketing strategy

Developing an internal carbon offsetting strategy likely isn’t on most marketing teams’ agenda, but at Ovo Energy it’s a top priority. The energy provider is looking to spearhead change by introducing a marketing strategy that pus the focus on sustainability rather than visibility. That will see the company prioritise digital marketing and no longer use non-digital advertising in public places. […]

The evolution of direct-to-consumer brands and their marketing

As the DTC sector matures, direct-to-consumer brands are borrowing strategy ideas from established brands, and vice versa, as they look go build sustainable businesses. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands sell their product directly to consumers, taking away the need for third-party retailers, wholesalers, and other middlemen. In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a swathe of successful digital-first DTC brands make […]

Today’s marketers are missing true customer insight

Customer centricity. Omnichannel experiences. Experience mapping. Just how many buzzwords can we create to describe the unicorn of genuinely good marketing; that of understanding and meeting the needs of the customer? I find it astounding that the more sophisticated we get – with analytics, predictive modelling and rafts of data scientists – the less able we seem to be to […]

John Lewis, Ikea and M&S top UK brand health rankings

In spite of a challenged high street, retailers lead YouGov BrandIndex’s brand health rankings, while Netflix takes the top spot for most improved. John Lewis has topped YouGov BrandIndex’s brand health rankings in the UK for a second year, leading a top three made up of retail brands that suggests despite the troubles on the high street, consumers still think […]

How eBay built a ‘human ecosystem’ on customer-centricity

Online auction giant eBay is extending its customer-centric approach to help SMEs in Wolverhampton revive the struggling high street. The eBay Retail Revival project in Wolverhampton. In the UK, more than 25 million people browse, buy or sell on eBay each year, with participation growing by around 7.5% every 12 months. Indeed, the auction site has a 60% penetration rate […]

Marketoonist on glossing over big business problems

Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to unrivalled coverage of the biggest issues in marketing, alongside practical advice from the digital experts at Econsultancy. With a subscription to Marketing Week Premium you will get full access to: > World-renowned columnists > Analysis & case studies > Exclusive leading-edge insight > Carefully curated reports & briefings from Econsultancy > Plus, much more including […]

Essential Internet Marketing News of 2019 Which a Marketer Shall Know

When a year starts, it is high time for marketers and other related specialists to check the trending SEO news and to read plentiful articles on digital marketing news. As for the top digital marketing trends in 2019, one would better pay attention to diverse technological innovations and the lifestyle of consumers and target audience, as well as analyze their behavior and habits.

Two Main Innovations Influencing Online and SEO Trends of 2019

  1. Augmented and virtual reality is not new for digital marketing, these technologies have already been successfully used. However, in the nearest future, one will not purchase furniture from IKEA or an apartment without this tool. This digital advertising piece of news provides a consumer with the chance to see with own eyes what is bought. The technology is quite costly, however, the payback is high. It is a powerful marketing tool.
  2. In accordance with the news of digital marketing, artificial intellect has started to be widely used. The technology is used to exactly identify the preferences of the target audience and online behavioral habits. It is already successfully implemented by YouTube.

Online Marketing Trends Which are Still Relevant

The marketing news in social media is not very surprising as well. Recently, according to the news from Google SEO, video content has been highly valuable. It shall become the center of each advertising campaign. Preference should be given to short clips and videos as an audience is not likely to spend a lot of time watching content.

The News in Digital Marketing Changing the Strategies

Voice search is widely used by customers and consumers. Becoming new in brand marketing, it imposes new requirements on the content as texts have to sound like a conversational speech in stylistics.

Native advertising is a must. Almost 30% of users block ads and promoted posts on social networks. Thus, marketers and copywriters have to create such content that a consumer does not understand at first sight if it is an advertisement or just a coincidence or honest recommendation. For this reason, opinion leaders are so appreciated and have become the main advertising means and source of news in social media.

Only the brands and companies staying tuned about the news in SEO will keep the pace with innovations and adapt marketing campaigns to requirements and expectations of the target audience in 2019 and hereafter.