US minimum wage by year

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed America’s first federal minimum wage into law in 1938, it was 25 cents per hour. Adjusted for inflation, that would be worth about $4.45 today. Scroll over the chart to see the US federal minimum wage through history, and what it would be worth in today’s dollars. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department […]

Lehman Brothers: When the financial crisis spun out of control

Lehman’s failure shook Wall Street to its core. The Dow plummeted 504 points, the equivalent of 1,300 points today. Some $700 billion vanished from retirement plans and other investment funds. The panic that followed plunged the American economy into a severe downturn, now known as the Great Recession. Today, Lehman Brothers and its CEO Dick Fuld are the poster children […]

These countries are most vulnerable to the emerging market storm

1. Trouble in paradise: For the past decade, a river of easy money rushed into emerging markets. Now that powerful force is reversing. Rising interest rates, along with trade wars, have started a stampede out of some emerging markets. The Turkish lira and Argentine peso have crashed, while China’s stock market is stuck in a bear market. Problems long masked […]

China strikes back by going after America’s energy companies

Eying China’s voracious demand, Cheniere Energy, ExxonMobil (XOM) and other American energy companies are racing to build more than two dozen expensive facilities to export liquefied natural gas, which is super-cooled natural gas that can be transported by ship. China even marked President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing last fall by agreeing to invest as much as $43 billion into […]

Latest Financial News from Stock Markets

London stock exchange was founded in 1801. More than half of the world stock trade falls on the stock market of the British capital. Three hundred foreign companies from sixty countries across the world trade in it. In capitalization, it is in the third position in the world.

News from London Stock Market

Today’s financial news from LSE, a listing of blockchain ETF was carried out. It was proposed by an American investing company called Invesco. The product is called Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF’ it is oriented on investments in companies from blockchain and crypto industries. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), a manufacturer of chips for mining, is included in this investment program.

What Else is Notable Among Stock Market News Today?

Blockchain startup called Nivaura has raised the investments amounting to 20 million dollars. This campaign is led by London Stock Exchange Group. This information has been published by CoinDesk among the other stock news of interest today. Finances received by Nivaura will be channeled to increase of staff including machine education and natural language processing. A company will finance efforts in R&D.

Free Financial News from Australia

Australian police stopped criminal activity of two cryptocurrency stock exchanges as they have been related to illegal drug dispensing. A 27-year-old man had coordinated the activity of criminal syndicate through diverse resources on the Internet accepting Bitcoins as a currency for payment.

Financial News Is Closely Bound with Crypto Currency

Bitcoin trading platform named Bittrex International located at Malta launches its own platform for initial exchange offers. An opening IEO is planned on March 15th. Game-oriented Raid project with XRD will become the first.

Stock and Finance News are Related to Crypto Currency

OKEx exchange has followed recent trends and launches platform for new tokens which will be called OK JumpStart. This information has been announced by the company Operational Director – Andy Cheung – who has confirmed that everything is ready for the new tokens platform.

Today’s information and business news prove that blockchain technology along with cryptocurrency are consolidating their positions in the present-day financial world. The fact that London stock exchange is working on own technology for integration of cryptocurrency stock proves the potential of this trend.