Bogdan Trotsko is a business expert with longstanding experience in asset management and one of the leading financiers in Ukraine. He is the head of the Stock Technologies Centre Group of Companies. For many years, his main objective has been a higher level of financial literacy among his fellow countrymen.

Every day, there are more and more people who show strong interest in launching their own business and obtaining a source of passive income. The experience is shared by famous financiers and business coaches. They help many people realize that it is time to stop working for another man. Sooner or later, everyone gets the idea that freelance business and sources of passive income provide a real opportunity to improve living standards and achieve financial independence. This enables you to spend more free time with your family and on your hobbies, to travel and to enjoy life. 

The crucial idea you need to grasp is that you are not bound to thread a long thorny path of your own experience to be successful and financially independent. There is a much easier and more effective way: you can turn to special companies, and their experts will teach you everything you need to know to move up to the next level of financial freedom. In other words, they will develop your financial literacy. In Ukraine you can improve your financial literacy in a professional manner with the CBT Company since 1997.  

Bogdan Trotsko- the financier, teaches financial literacy.

Bogdan Trotsko, financier, advocates financial literacy

Bogdan Trotsko is a business expert, successful financier, and manager of assets, companies, human capital and business processes. Today he is one of the leading financial experts in our country. But his road to success was not smooth. Like many others, Bogdan Trotsko did not accumulate his capital gains in financial markets all at once. The millionaire-to-be has worked his way up to financial independence through many stages- from a simple worker to a person with accumulated capital, and eventually investment. After realizing that his experience and knowledge could help many people shorten this path, Bogdan Trotsko started to advocate financial literacy in all possible ways. He held more than 1,000 seminars, lectures, and training workshops. He has developed his own original strategy that enables any person, even without an economics degree, to master business in financial markets and start making money within the shortest possible time. He launched a cooperation program with Universities, which gives students the chance to gain this knowledge free of charge. Moreover, the business expert Bogdan Trotsko with his team of experts from the Stock Technologies Centre helped his clients earn more than $10 million in 2018. 

Bogdan Trotsko- the business expert, improves the well-being of Ukrainians.

Bogdan Trotsko will give useful advice for the development of your business

Bogdan Trotsko is a financier who has been invited to many TV programs and round table discussions, where experts voice their opinion on important economic issues for Ukraine and its citizens. He helps to improve the well-being of Ukrainians not only by developing their financial literacy during lectures and webinars, but also by giving personal advice to everyone interested in creating a source of passive income. He selects investment projects and develops business plans to create your own high-income business and gain confidence in the future. You can’t help but strive for financial independence as well. To take the first steps in this direction, turn to Bogdan Trotsko, business expert, for his advice. You can sign up for a consultation and get expert advice on his personal website.