Yulia Brodskaya Reveals Her Process of ‘Painting With Paper’ in a New Book

Brodskaya’s signature technique of ‘painting with paper’ is a contemporary interpretation of quilling, wherein the artist folds, bends, and spirals strips of colored paper. Rather than densely filling the entire surface with the manipulated paper strips, Brodskaya also incorporates flat fields of color underneath and between each textural element. This two-part technique allows the viewer’s eye to take in the […]

Moody Views of Hawaii’s Rugged Beaches by Photographer Jason Wright

Dramatic views of Hawaii’s landscape by Jason Wright depart from typical depictions of the high profile islands. Rather than showing sandy beaches and palm trees, Wright’s images highlight the fierce and rugged places where land meets sea. Wright, who grew up in Hawaii, shares with Colossal that his experience as a life-long surfer informs his perspective as a photographer. Being exposed to […]

The Full English Alphabet Painted on Store Shutters in 26 Different Fonts by Ben Eine

Nearly a decade after completing the “Alphabet Street” project in East London, English artist Ben Eine has again painted all 26 letters from A to Z on over 40 shop shutters. “Alphabet City 2.0” uses 26 bespoke fonts and a wide range of spray paint colors to transform the area into a vibrant street art destination. Made in association with Global Street […]

Three Cats in Japan Have a Closet Full of Custom-Made Hats Felted From Their Shedded Fur

Japanese couple Ryo and Hiromo Yamazaki combine their affinity for fashion design, felines, and photography by building hats for their three cats out of the animals’ own shedded fur. The Yamazakis have created a wide range of designs that have become increasingly intricate over the years. Simple acorn-like shapes have evolved to elaborate samurai helmets, sailor caps, and duck likenesses, and the […]

Take a Wild Ride Through Two Seasons of Supercell Storms with Mike Olbinski’s Time-Lapse Film

Mike Olbinski not only chases storms, he also brings his camera equipment with him. The Phoenix, Arizona-based photographer—who shoots weddings between storms—compiled two seasons of wild weather footage from around the U.S. The result isVorticity 2, a time-lapse of Olbinski’s top finds from spring 2018 and 2019. For seven and a half minutes massive clouds tear through open skies across […]

Thousands of Miniature Vases in a Rainbow of Glazes by Ceramic Artist Yuta Segawa

Japanese ceramicist Yuta Segawa plays with scale and color in his multitudes of miniature vessels. Each hand-thrown pot and vase is crafted with the same attention to structure and detail that a full-sized piece would have, from the tidy foot to the gracefully shaped neck. Segawa also formulates his own glazes, with five hundred under his belt so far. To accentuate the […]

Praying Mantises, Venus Fly Traps, and Autumn Leaves Crafted From Finely Molded Crepe Paper

Illustrator and paper artist Tina Kraus sculpts realistic insects, plants, and reptiles out of textured crepe paper, adding colorful details with pastel chalk and paint. Kraus first began using the materials about two years ago, starting with common flowers and moving on to more nontraditional plants such as the Venus flytrap. Most recently she has has created a gecko and several different […]

Swirling Vortexes and Ghostly Humans Emerge From Hand-Painted Transparent Sheets by David Spriggs

Vancouver-based artist David Spriggs creates large-scale 3D installations by by layering hand-painted transparencies within custom frameworks. The massive sculptural installations pull viewers in and shift based on perspective, while exploring themes of space-time, movement, surveillance, power dynamics, and other complex conceptual ideas. For his larger installations, Spriggs tells Colossal that he creates and works from abstract topographical maps that are based on […]

Playful Illustrative Characters Span Brightly Painted Walls by Joachim

Belgian street artist Joachim paints vibrant murals that look as if they were torn from the pages of a very large children’s book. His illustrative style brings humor and color to walls and structures in cities across the world. Joachim first discovered graffiti and street art as a six-year-old child in Antwerp. As an adult, he began experimenting with various styles both […]

Unusual Trees and Topiaries Sprout Alongside Buildings in a Photo Series by Sinziana Velicescu

The places where organic growth and human-made structure meet draws the eye of Los Angeles-based photographer Sinziana Velicescu. In her series A Tree Grows In…, Velicescu documents trees and shrubs growing alongside, or in spite of, pastel-hued buildings and fences in the Los Angeles area. Some, like the door-flanking cypresses above, dwarf the built landscape. In others, tightly trimmed topiaries mirror the […]

Art News Which Cannot be Missed

Art develops and evolves very rapidly. Notable, that not only pieces of world art news are requiring attention. Discoveries of ancient excavations, as well as new techniques, are admiring art connoisseurs art all over the world.

Art News from the UK

Among art news of Great Britain, it is worth mentioning a company named Land­mark Trust worldwide known for its restoration works. One house has been recently found in Wales. According to wood age, it was built around 1421. A precise year was identified owing to scientists’ expertise who worked out a new technique of wood dating. This unique house in the Black Mountains of Wales is included in a list of edifices under the highest protection rank.

Most Interesting Among Art Articles

In New York, art lovers have recently had a chance to visit the Armory Show. It is one of the oldest expositions of art. At this exhibition, new talents and trends are revealed. This year has been significant as plentiful of young artists exhibited their works, pictures, installations.

Programs Demonstrated at NY Armory Show Stands

  1. Peace in the East as well as West;
  2. Social activism;
  3. Sexual choice;
  4. Gender issues;
  5. Ecological problems.

Visual Art News from Fashion Capital in France

In Paris, in a well-known Oscar de la Renta boutique, an American worldwide acknowledged brand, a big canvas was found under wallpapers. Picture size is 3 at 6 meters. Preliminary, this masterpiece dates back to the 17th century. Probably, it was hidden during World War II. Because of restoration works, Oscar de la Renta boutique opening is postponed by several months.

News from the Visual Art Articles from the Netherlands

Dutch and French scientists have revealed a special secret ingredient which was used by Rembrandt. This substance was very rare for those artists who worked in the 17th century. Though it is significant as it will help in restoration and preservation for the future generations of plentiful masterpieces created by Rembrandt.

Artistic world is full of news. Not only young artists and masters impress an audience with groundbreaking views as well as trends. Recent discoveries have proved that painters and craftsmen of previous centuries had hidden so many secrets that humanity will continue admiring their talent and genius.