These Engaging, Immersive Works Erase the Line Between Art and Audience | At the Smithsonian

For many, the word “art” conjures thoughts of haughtiness and stuffy galleries, of ornate salons and elites hobnobbing over cocktails. The stereotypical museum experience, though less accurate than it used to be, puts art on display at a remove, as the product of some walled-off portion of society to which the hoi polloi have no access. This year’s By the […]

Fifty Years After Stonewall, A Look at the Struggles and Celebrations of LGBTQ Americans | At the Smithsonian

For many years, whenever someone asked Smithsonian curator Katherine Ott what was on her artifact wish list, she’d reply: “John Waters’ mustache.” It was partially a joke, but Ott had long been determined to snag some piece of memorabilia tied to the legendary director, known for his subversive cult films and distinctive facial hair. “Waters is irreverent and creative and […]

After More Than Eight Decades, These Exquisite Whistler Watercolors Make Their Public Debut | At the Smithsonian

In 1923, when the Freer Gallery of Art became the first art museum to open on the National Mall in Washington, D.C, one room was devoted to the watercolors of the American artist James McNeill Whistler. The museum held one of the largest collections of such works in the world. The delicate works in gold wooden frames, despite being highly […]

David Copperfield Welcomes New Citizens With a Magic Show and a History Lesson | At the Smithsonian

On Friday, which marked the celebration of Flag Day in the United States, hundreds gathered at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and watched master illusionist David Copperfield perform a historic feat: reuniting the original Star-Spangled Banner with its long-lost 15th star. “This should be interesting,” Copperfield said with a grin. “I hope it works.” Audience members watched in […]

Meet Juan García Salazar, the Man Who Championed Black Identity in Ecuador | At the Smithsonian

An engaging wooden canoe seat takes its pride of place behind glass at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Engraved on the canoe seat is a spider and its web, a reference to Anansi, the iconic West African folk figure. Eleven years ago, this utilitarian object—a small bench for a woman to use while traveling on […]

A Globe-Trotting, Truth-Seeking Art Project Looks For Answers in D.C. | At the Smithsonian

How do you define the truth? Artists in the Cause Collective weren’t sure—so they decided to trek all over the world and ask as many people as possible. Over the better part of a decade, the group has traveled across the globe with their portable “Truth Booth,” an inflatable speech bubble that encases a miniature recording studio. They’ve collected thousands […]

This Performance Art Piece Is Being Served Up with Tasty, Warm Bowls of Curry | At the Smithsonian

The graphite images on the stark white gallery walls show images of pain and protest, death and marching. Some of the scenes are familiar, historic and even iconic images from Martin Luther King Jr’s 1963 March on Washington to the Million Man March; the suffragists to the Women’s March; all alongside grislier scenes of Taiwanese uprisings. In the middle of […]

Konstantin Skoptsov: Drawings, Manuscripts and Digital Art

Konstantin Skoptsov, a creator of paintings-books, paintings-mysteries, is capturing the hearts of philosophical art lovers from around the world. His signature art style of Semantic Realism is unmistakably recognizable. Konstantin is a representative of Paris School of Ukrainian Art and has been awarded a few academic fellowships, his artworks are a part of permanent expositions in various museums throughout the […]

Art News Which Cannot be Missed

Art develops and evolves very rapidly. Notable, that not only pieces of world art news are requiring attention. Discoveries of ancient excavations, as well as new techniques, are admiring art connoisseurs art all over the world.

Art News from the UK

Among art news of Great Britain, it is worth mentioning a company named Land­mark Trust worldwide known for its restoration works. One house has been recently found in Wales. According to wood age, it was built around 1421. A precise year was identified owing to scientists’ expertise who worked out a new technique of wood dating. This unique house in the Black Mountains of Wales is included in a list of edifices under the highest protection rank.

Most Interesting Among Art Articles

In New York, art lovers have recently had a chance to visit the Armory Show. It is one of the oldest expositions of art. At this exhibition, new talents and trends are revealed. This year has been significant as plentiful of young artists exhibited their works, pictures, installations.

Programs Demonstrated at NY Armory Show Stands

  1. Peace in the East as well as West;
  2. Social activism;
  3. Sexual choice;
  4. Gender issues;
  5. Ecological problems.

Visual Art News from Fashion Capital in France

In Paris, in a well-known Oscar de la Renta boutique, an American worldwide acknowledged brand, a big canvas was found under wallpapers. Picture size is 3 at 6 meters. Preliminary, this masterpiece dates back to the 17th century. Probably, it was hidden during World War II. Because of restoration works, Oscar de la Renta boutique opening is postponed by several months.

News from the Visual Art Articles from the Netherlands

Dutch and French scientists have revealed a special secret ingredient which was used by Rembrandt. This substance was very rare for those artists who worked in the 17th century. Though it is significant as it will help in restoration and preservation for the future generations of plentiful masterpieces created by Rembrandt.

Artistic world is full of news. Not only young artists and masters impress an audience with groundbreaking views as well as trends. Recent discoveries have proved that painters and craftsmen of previous centuries had hidden so many secrets that humanity will continue admiring their talent and genius.