Elaborate Underground Architecture of Soviet Metro Stations Photographed by Christopher Herwig

After traveling to 15 cities in 7 countries and taking over 15,000 photographs, Christopher Herwig has compiled a new book that showcases the diverse architecture of every underground metro station in the former U.S.S.R. Soviet Metro Stations provides rare look at mansion-quality chandeliers, ornate columns, and patterned ceilings that surround millions of commuters every day. With a background in travel photography and documentary work […]

Multi-Layered Oil Paintings by Jacob Brostrup Blur Natural and Built Environments

Spectacularly detailed paintings by Jacob Brostrup layer indoor and outdoor scenes in luminescent colors. The artist renders each component of his oil paintings with exacting, realistic detail, but the overlapping narratives of time and place create a dreamlike state. Old-fashioned architectural features, particularly staircases and windows, are common visual elements alongside fallen trees and marshy bodies of water. Brostrup, who is Danish, […]

Upcycled Scaffolding Planks Form Functional Ribbons of Steel and Wood in London’s Broadgate Neighborhood

As part of the 2019 London Design Festival, Paul Cocksedge’s ‘Please Be Seated’ has taken over Finsbury Avenue Square in the city’s Broadgate neighborhood. The undulating sculpture is comprised of concentric wooden circles that ribbon up and down to create functional spaces to socialize, rest, and walk through. Cocksedge collaborated with White & White to fabricate the massive steel and upcycled scaffolding wood installation, which […]

Hybrid Creatures with Oversized Eyes Reflect Imagined Landscapes in Surreal Paintings by Haoto Nattori

Japanese artist Naoto Hattori imagines small fluffy animals with healthy doses of fantasy and some unnatural hybridization. The painted creatures often feature round heads and disproportionately large and reflective eyes. Cat-birds with mushrooms growing on their furry heads and other mashup beasts toe the line between whimsical and eerie thanks to large eyes that reveal unseen forests and landscapes. These acrylic paintings […]

Bronze Sculptures of Regal African Women by Wangechi Mutu Make History at the Metropolitan Museum

Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to create four bronze sculptures of African women collectively titled “The NewOnes, will free Us.” The seated women are nearly 7 feet tall and each weigh more than 840 lbs. The sculptures are the first works of art to fill the niches of the museum’s Fifth Avenue facade since the building’s completion […]

Enormous Panels of Patchworked Fabric Give Colorful Temporary Makeovers to Public Buildings

Textile artist Amanda Browder collaborates with the communities she’s working in to built site-specific architectural interventions. Using hundreds of yards of donated fabric with bright colors and patterns, Browder and her volunteer teams stitch together enormous panels that resemble crazy quilts. The panels wrap around bell towers, sheath elevated walkways, and drape from gables and eaves to give passersby a new experience […]

Photographs of Animals and Architecture are Sliced and Rearranged into Bizarre Collages by Lola Dupre

Spain and Scotland-based collage artist Lola Dupre continues to surprise and delight with her unusual composite images. Rather than incorporating unique individual collage elements that contrast with each other, Dupre works with repetition and duplication to build bizarrely proportioned pets, buildings, and human figures. By layering and off-setting shards of the same photo in a sort of visual syncopation, Dupre stretches and bends […]

Wooden Detailing and Hanging Plants Provide a Modern Update for an Industrial Building From the 1950s

In 2014 Auckland and Los Angeles-based Fearon Hay Architects were asked to convert a dilapidated 1950s building in Taichung, Taiwan into a boutique hotel. After a site visit, the studio decided integrate as many of the existing elements of the building as possible, embracing the original character of the raw industrial building. The resulting SOF Hotel still has the charm of the seven-decade-old structure, […]

Delicate Flowers Blossom From Inky Black Backgrounds in Esther Garcia’s Stylized Botanical Tattoos

Chicago-based tattoo artist Esther Garcia creates inky black backgrounds on her clients, which are interspersed with delicate floral designs. Sweet peas and garden roses, along with butterflies and birds, emerge from black palettes edged in stylized patterns. Garcia, who is largely self-taught and has twenty years of experience as a tattooer, is known for her lush botanical designs and her artistic project-based […]

Lush Botanical Forms Translated Into Abstract Embroideries by Helen Wilde

U.K.-based embroidery artist Helen Wilde interprets oceanic landscapes in her three-dimensional hoop embroideries. Using tightly edited color palettes, often featuring teals and natural tones, Wilde layers stitches, knots, twists, and pom-poms. The organic shapes resemble commingled forms of plant life, and are built upon organza or hand-woven fabrics. Wilde’s most recent work was inspired by the tropical modernism of Sri Lanka. You […]

Art News Which Cannot be Missed

Art develops and evolves very rapidly. Notable, that not only pieces of world art news are requiring attention. Discoveries of ancient excavations, as well as new techniques, are admiring art connoisseurs art all over the world.

Art News from the UK

Among art news of Great Britain, it is worth mentioning a company named Land­mark Trust worldwide known for its restoration works. One house has been recently found in Wales. According to wood age, it was built around 1421. A precise year was identified owing to scientists’ expertise who worked out a new technique of wood dating. This unique house in the Black Mountains of Wales is included in a list of edifices under the highest protection rank.

Most Interesting Among Art Articles

In New York, art lovers have recently had a chance to visit the Armory Show. It is one of the oldest expositions of art. At this exhibition, new talents and trends are revealed. This year has been significant as plentiful of young artists exhibited their works, pictures, installations.

Programs Demonstrated at NY Armory Show Stands

  1. Peace in the East as well as West;
  2. Social activism;
  3. Sexual choice;
  4. Gender issues;
  5. Ecological problems.

Visual Art News from Fashion Capital in France

In Paris, in a well-known Oscar de la Renta boutique, an American worldwide acknowledged brand, a big canvas was found under wallpapers. Picture size is 3 at 6 meters. Preliminary, this masterpiece dates back to the 17th century. Probably, it was hidden during World War II. Because of restoration works, Oscar de la Renta boutique opening is postponed by several months.

News from the Visual Art Articles from the Netherlands

Dutch and French scientists have revealed a special secret ingredient which was used by Rembrandt. This substance was very rare for those artists who worked in the 17th century. Though it is significant as it will help in restoration and preservation for the future generations of plentiful masterpieces created by Rembrandt.

Artistic world is full of news. Not only young artists and masters impress an audience with groundbreaking views as well as trends. Recent discoveries have proved that painters and craftsmen of previous centuries had hidden so many secrets that humanity will continue admiring their talent and genius.