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Amileader: how to win the leadership on the Web

Amileader - a guide for the companies in the Internet space


Amileader: how to win the leadership on the Web

Amileader is a system of the efficient introduction of a business to the Internet space, designed by the top-notch specialists of the advertising company Amillidius.

In the late 20th century, Bill Gates predicted in his book that in the future, the market would only have two types of companies: those on the Internet and those out of business. This future is already here. However, not every entrepreneur ended up ready for it. The covid pandemic proved it by outcasting over 30% of companies who ignored the promising opportunities of the Web. Meanwhile, those who had a vision and took their business online in time experienced no lockdown-related problems.

Amileader – innovations in the advertising market

Thanks to Amileader, Google will assist your business

These days, running a business in the offline mode only invites failure. The Google generation is not going to trust someone who does not feature on the Internet and is unknown to search engines. Selecting among numerous companies, goods, and services, the prospective customers will prefer a brand or a product, recommended by Google in its best. Amileader’s function is to channel the power of Google for your benefit. What is more, it will deliver the result in the best possible terms with minimum investments. The algorithm that drives this process has been finalized during the work with many Amillidius customers – now it produces excellent results. Amileader system is ursal – it fits any scales and types of entrepreneurship as well as any target audience.

Amileader as a tool for shaping the trust of customers and partners

Amileader Start is a necessary minimum for taking your business on-line

Amileader efficiency is a result of the work of a big team comprising experienced professionals: journalists, photographers, designers, SEO-, PR-, and marketing experts. Depending on the customer’s goals and tasks, Amillidius designed three service packages: “Amileader Start”, “Amileader Standard”, and “Amileader Premium”.

The basic package of “Amileader Start” includes:

  •     10 selling articles, presenting your company, good or service in the best possible light;
  •     Placing these articles, translated into different languages, on various Internet sources of the relevant field of business;
  •     Driving the articles to the top of the search results on Google for the requests, relating to your company or product.

As a result, anyone who asks about you on the Internet and makes a request will see many sources with positive information. In such a manner, thanks to Amileader, prospective customers, partners, and investors will gain trust in your company. Their next step will be the decision on a purchase or cooperation, based on trust. This successful start will help your company to secure its place on the Web, boost sales thus achieving the main business goal – higher profit.

To develop your business on the Web, use Amileader

The key to your business success is the Amileader system

Setting up the business within the Amileader system will become a backbone of advertising campaigns: it will improve the efficiency of targeting, contextual ads, and agency and partner schemes. Without the foundation Amileader can shape for you in the Google search results, the efficiency of these types of advertising will be neglectable. The reason is that the interests, evoked by an ad of a good or service, should always be enhanced by Google recommendations.

Today, it’s not an easy task for entrepreneurs to win the trust of consumers. Only those who realize that the Internet has become the main platform for running businesses will succeed. And those who develop the Internet space and win the customers’ trust with Amileader, obtain the maximum result.

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